Are you looking for a dropshipping provider for your ecommerce? Over the last few years, this type of shipping method has gained a lot of strength, as it allows you to create your own online store without having to invest in storage costs or manage the fulfillment of your products.

But, although many people decide to do dropshipping, not so many are right to choose the company that accompanies them in this process. Finding the perfect dropshipping provider is difficult. You have to be very sure of who you choose, since you are going to delegate a key part of your business to them. If you do it wrong, your customers will be unhappy and your ecommerce will suffer. On the other hand, if you choose well, you will have a key part of your business covered.

In this list, we have chosen 5 dropshipping providers that you can turn to. There are some more generalists and others more specialized in specific market niches. Analyze them in depth before deciding on one:

Oberlo + Aliexpress

dropshipping supplier oberlo

If you’re in the e-commerce world, it’s quite possible you’ve heard of Oberlo. Oberlo is not a dropshipping provider as such. It is a plugin that allows you to import thousands of Aliexpress products into your Shopify store, and synchronize both platforms in a very simple way. Oberlo is available worldwide, but it works exclusively with Shopify. So if your e-commerce is mounted on another platform, Oberlo is not your choice.

Some of the features of Oberlo and Aliexpress as an option for dropshipping:

  • The process of importing products is super simple. Just use a search engine to find the perfect product and choose the option to add it to your e-commerce. Once this is done, you will have to customize the information (title, description, etc.). Of course, you can not edit anything and put it for sale directly, but it is highly recommended that you change the texts that come by default (and, if you can, the images).
  • Oberlo makes sure that your shop is automatically synchronized with Aliexpress. Thus, any change in prices or stock will be updated automatically, without you having to upload CSV files or do manual work.
  • Oberlo offers a free 30-day trial. Beyond that, their pricing plans are as follows:
dropshipping supplier pricing oberlo

Oberlo Prices (March 2019)

Please note that, in addition to paying Oberlo, you will have to pay the cost of your Shopify store.


dropshipping supplier bigbuy

BigBuy is one of the leading European dropshipping providers. Based in Spain, they offer dropshipping services to customers all over Europe.

Some of the features of this dropshipping provider are:

  • Its strong point is, without a doubt, its wide catalogue. They have tens of thousands of references, from all kinds of product categories (home, electronics, perfumery, toys and many more). This is an advantage for two reasons: The first is that you can set up a « generalist » store, where you sell all kinds of products. The second is that you can set up several stores focused on a niche market. All this with a single supplier.
  • Their catalogue is in 24 languages and they ship all over Europe, so you can easily internationalise your business without the need to store or manage transport.
  • They work with what they call « Wholesale Packs ». You will have to hire one of them to start selling.
wholesale pack bigbuy dropshipping supplier

BigBuy Wholesale Packs (March 2019)


dropshipping supplier brandsditribution

Brandsdistribution was born in 2006, and is an Italian supplier specializing in dropshipping fashion and accessories.

Some of the features of this dropshipping provider are:

  • They have a very wide catalogue. However, it is 100% fashion oriented. At the time of writing this article, they sell items from more than 120 brands (such as Adidas, Michael Kors or Armani) and have more than 500,000 items in stock.
  • Like other suppliers, they charge a monthly cost that is automatically renewed. Obviously, you will also have to pay for the products you sell. The last price « Easy Commerce » refers to a « turnkey » online store that they develop for you to start selling directly. Other providers, such as BigBuy, also offer this service.
dropshipping supplier pricing brandsdistribution

Brandsdistribution prices (March 2019)


dropshipping supplier dhgate

Another general supplier from China. Founded in 2004, DHgate is one of the most experienced dropshipping providers behind you.

Some of the features of this dropshipping provider are:

  • DHgate has a huge catalogue of products in all kinds of categories (electronics, sports, fashion and accessories, jewellery…). You can find practically everything on this platform.
  • Being a Chinese supplier, the issue of shipping can be a little worrisome. Today, fewer and fewer users are willing to wait for several weeks until a product arrives. DHgate offers « free shipping » (with the waiting times that implies), but it also has payment shipment agreements through serious carriers, such as DHL.
  • You’ll have to look for the perfect supplier within this huge platform. Before you decide on one, we recommend you make a test purchase, to test shipping times, product quality, and so on. If all goes well, you can contact him to establish a dropshipping relationship.


dropshipping supplier gatito

Gatito is a dropshipping provider with a curious name, but very valid for your business. This Polish supplier offers products of different categories, such as clothes and shoes, accessories or toys.

Gatito sells licensed products of different brands (like Minecraft, Star Wars, Frozen, etc.). They do not sell unlicensed products.
Gatito offer customer service 7 days a week, from 8-16 Monday to Friday and 8 to 14 on weekends. That weekend service can be really useful if something doesn’t go as you expected.

How to choose the perfect dropshipping provider?

This list is just a few recommendations of dropshipping providers you can turn to. However, the list is endless (and many of them are hard to find).

So, if you think that in this article we haven’t included the ideal dropshipping provider for your business, we give you a series of recommendations to follow in order to find the ideal one:

  • Look at the delivery times (and the reliability of their carriers): As we said before, transport is key. This aspect fails in many Asian suppliers, but it’s all a matter of searching. If you don’t trust it, go to a supplier that has its warehouses in a closer point.
  • Make a trial purchase: We’ve also given you this advice before. It’s a good idea to make a test purchase to see how well the shipment works. Is the product on time? Is the packaging in good condition? Better to ask yourself these questions before being in direct contact with a customer.
  • Customer service is important: Look for a supplier who gives ample customer service and, of course, in a language you understand. If you contact a supplier who only speaks Chinese (and you don’t speak it) the communication is going to be very complicated.
  • Do numbers: There are many dropshipping providers with a very wide catalogue, but it is impossible for all of them to be competitive in all the categories and products in their catalogue. If you already know what you want to sell, take figures from the margin you would generate with each supplier and, with everything on the table, make up your mind.