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Empathy.co is the leading innovator committed to building human-centred commerce Search & Discovery platforms. With over 150 Developers and Search Engineers, it has headquarters in London (UK) and Asturias (ES). Founded in 2012, Empathy.co gives advanced retailers all they need to create trustworthy, understanding and joyful shopping experiences. 
Trusted by global industry leaders like Carrefour, Kroger and Inditex, Empathy.co is privately held with no external investors, is cash-flow positive and has seen sales grow by 124% in 2020. With this, Empathy.co is free to innovate and relentlessly pursue customer success.

What is Empathy Platform?

Empathy Platform drives commerce Search & Discovery experiences by spotlighting the more human aspect of catalogue discovery. End customers, above all, are people, and Empathy Platform provides features focused on inspiring their trust, understanding and joy. 
Leading retailers count on Empathy Platform to revolutionise their search experiences, going beyond fast and relevant results to also provide agility and control. Its extensible microservices are carefully designed to transmit closeness and transparency to shoppers.

  • Empathy Platform prioritises customer privacy, allowing shoppers to control their own data, and drives product discovery through a broad set of microservices and APIs. Its composable technology can be deployed at the rhythm each retailer requires and the language-agnostic architecture approach to conversational search is enhanced by expressive UI components.
  • Advanced retailers with large catalogues and the potential for peaks in traffic benefit from private, protected and positive experiences, from code to customer.

Empathy.co features

At Empathy.co, we believe brands that refuse to monetize customers’ data will earn their trust and be rewarded with long-term loyalty. Great technology can inspire brands to respect the individual, serve the community and thrive through these relationships.

Ethical personalisation

Creating a private and personal shopping experience is possible. With a zero-party data approach using composable Search technology, you can give your shoppers a contextualised personal service by reading but not writing their actions.

Expressive Search & Discovery delights and entertains

Expressive search presents relevant and inspiring results instantly with animations, expansions, and motion that sparks joy. Shopping is more than a transaction; it’s a favorite pastime that entertains and excites.

Delighting merchandisers and marketers is the Empathy team’s goal. With Insights, customised data visualisations, we explain how people interact with your shop, spotting new trends with real-time data. With Empathy Playboard, you can easily adapt search results with boost, attribute ranking, behavioral merchandising and synonyms. All with no code and in real time.

Context-aware suggestions to guide your customers

Guide and inspire shoppers even before they use the search bar with context-aware suggestions that anticipate their needs. With trends, suggested next queries, and related tags, advanced data science ensures there is never a discovery dead end.

AI at your service

Control the visual expression of results without IT intervention, allowing for a fresh and dynamic experience that stands out and frees up your developers’ time to focus on more profound innovations. 

Meaningful results explained to your customers

By being transparent about why results appear, people understand and feel understood. Putting AI at their service, suggestions are based on a vast array of factors, from past purchases to common associations, or even weather patterns.

Total agility and control over the search experience

Each brand chooses their Search & Discovery experience through customisable, scalable and extendable UI components. Empathy.co technology is based on extensible microservices in which APIs provide ready-to-consume, secure and flexible functionalities. All this shapes the headless architecture that can be implemented as preferred: SaaS or PaaS, hosted by the retailer or managed by Empathy.co.

Empathy.co rates

Solution pricing is adapted according to the microservices, UI components and custom integration the retailer chooses.

Empathy.co support

Developers, merchandisers and retail analysts make the most of Empathy Platform with EmpathyDocs, an easy-to-use, interactive documentation portal.
Empathy.co regularly publishes insightful commerce resources, including:

  • Customer Stories: case studies sharing the success of partners working with Empathy.co.
  • Guides: comprehensive papers with the tips and strategies to make the most of your Search & Discovery experience.
  • Ebooks: in-depth studies analysing consumer attitudes and impact of shopper privacy in commerce.
  • Podcasts: discussions with Empathy.co and industry leaders to inspire and explore how technology evolves to become more human.
  • Blog: sharing stories of the people who make up Empathy.co, from Search Engineers and Developers to UX/UI Designers and Data Analysts, as well as give Empathy.co news and feature updates from the Product department.

Empathy Partner Programme is a collaborative community of multidisciplinary companies with shared values and a passion for serving best-in-class commerce Search & Discovery services. Certified Empathy Partners gain a deep understanding of the Empathy Platform whilst sharing their unique insights that guide its evolution.

Why choose Empathy.co?

Enriching the Search & Discovery experience without controlling or abusing shoppers’ data, Empathy search facilitates communicating with end customers in an ethical and trustworthy way. Based on the principle of zero-party data, Empathy.co offers a decentralised approach for any retailer, elevating the search experience with anonymous profiling data to protect shopper privacy.
Empathy composable components and microservices put your developers in control and give you the freedom to innovate and express your unique brand identity. Your search is live in record time to market with Empathy Platform, creating engaging experiences for shoppers and merchants.

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