How To Make Instagram Reels Shoppable and Integrate Them into Your eCommerce?

Instagram Reels for Your E-commerce

Short-format videos, especially Instagram Reels, seriously took to the air last year. The platform’s massive ability to push this content to a broader audience is credited. Creators and brands consume and create Reels to participate in cultural trends, collaborate with their community, and grow their audience. 

The videos are entertaining and inspire people to know more about your brand, opening a window of opportunity for online stores. They are empowered to attract, engage, and convert visitors into loyal customers. Wondering how? By turning Reels shoppable and integrating them into eCommerce. 

This might come across as overwhelming at first. But it is as easy as it gets. Keep reading to find out more about this futuristic marketing strategy.

Shoppable Instagram Reels – An Overview

Stats suggest that 92% of people act immediately after seeing something on Instagram, indicating the supremacy that the content generated on Instagram has. Brands constantly are juggling to identify means by which they can cash upon this behaviour of social media users.

Turning Instagram Reels shoppable and integrating them across your eCommerce stores can simplify connecting to the users through a strategic omnichannel marketing approach. 

Social commerce tools can help you collect Instagram Reels and turn them shoppable without needing technicalities. For instance, Taggshop can help you collect, curate, and make Reels shoppable easily following a no-code. This immersive content can then be brought to your eCommerce stores to creatively express your brand story, educate the audience, and get discovered by shoppers who might end up loving your brand.

Why Should You Consider Shoppable Instagram Reels For Your Online Brand?

Instagram Reels are becoming popular by leaps and bounds. Users keep scrolling through the most engaging content format on Instagram – Reels without even realizing the amount of time they have spent already. 

As an eCommerce marketer, you are presented with a great opportunity of making your brand come across as the one users can most relate to by turning Reels shoppable and integrating them across eCommerce. Here’s why you must consider shoppable Instagram Reels for your brand.

Instagram Reels for brands

Videos Engage Better Than Statics

Instagram Reels are a captivating way of spreading awareness of products and showcasing brand value. 88% of people say that they like to see more videos from brands in 2022. Potential customers can know and understand the brand in a gist. 

Further, with the average attention span being about 8 seconds only, this form of content can quickly hold your targeted audiences’ attention. 

Additionally, with added music, text, dual camera, remixes, and more, Instagram Reels have become all the more entertaining, irrespective of the information you have to share. 

Turning the most sold format on Instagram shoppable can garner rich results concerning shopper engagement and conversion.

Cash Upon The Most Inspiring Content 

70% of Instagram users use the platform to discover products they can incorporate into their lives. By bringing content generated on Instagram into the places you sell, predominantly your online store, the sales changes increase. 

Visitors or potential customers will be motivated to learn more about the product and its users’ experience when they come across this content. Provided you’ve successfully tapped into their impulse, increasing conversions and revenue gets easy. 

Further, the shoppable Instagram feed can boost product discovery and help you achieve more sign-ups, form fill ups, product sales, etc.

Increased Shopper Engagement 

To state that user engagement has witnessed a massive downfall won’t be wrong. They have limited patience, and holding onto their attention is difficult. 

Here, content that can intrigue their interest, inspire, and persuade them to take action can help content marketers outperform their competitors and gather traction. 

Integrating shoppable Instagram Reels into the consumers’ journey can captivate them and engage them efficiently. As they are empowered to gather product knowledge and decide whether or not to introduce the brand into their lives. 

Further, videos perform better than stagnant posts. Integrating Instagram Reels selling like hot salsa into the shopping journey of buyers, the most important KPI of your business is well taken care of!

Save Time In Content Creation

Think about it. When you leverage Instagram Reels into your eCommerce, you do not have to spare time planning a photoshoot, booking models, and arranging for photographers. All of that part is already taken care of by your users. 

Further, the steps to integrate Reels into your online store are also streamlined, thanks to some social commerce tools available. The best part? You do not even have to spend a lot of time thinking of the brand voice you want to have. As UGC in Instagram Reels already has the potential to turn visitors into customers. 

All you need to do is choose the right content from the available plethora, which can be looked into with ease by upgrading to automation.

You can read more about the impacts of user-generated content in the “Decoding the Meaning of User Generated Content (UGC) article.

Which Industries Can Benefit Through Shoppable Instagram Reels?

Although industries worldwide can benefit through shoppable Instagram Reels, here are some of the top ones to consider. 

Apparel & Accessory Brands

Fashion brands are constantly looking out for a way to enhance their brand performance, reach out to shoppers, and increase revenue. The Instagram Reels revolution has helped them reach a broader demographic audience and achieve targeted results.

Bringing the power of Instagram Reels to shoppable pages of eCommerce can be table stakes for buying decisions. According to stats, clothing brands can improve the conversion rate by 6.4% by featuring authentic users’ content in the buyers’ journeys. 

Fashion enthusiasts keep creating Reels featuring clothing from their favorite brands, which, when made shoppable, can increase the chances of selling.

Beauty & Cosmetic Brands

The last couple of years has made it evident that beauty and cosmetic buyers seek authenticity and genuineness before making purchase decisions.

Shoppable Reels featuring shoppers using your products in the online shopping experience can comprehensively portray step-by-step usage of products and help prospects make informed decisions. 

According to stats, 38% of beauty and cosmetics shoppers consider user-generated videos significant while making purchase decisions. Hence, to stand out in the stiff jungle of online cosmetic sales – embedding shoppable Instagram Reels can be your light.

Travel & Hospitality Brands 

For travel & hospitality brands, personalization is becoming customary. Integrating shoppable Instagram Reels into travelers’ journeys of deciding the destination can provide real-time, customized experiences at scale. 

User-generated Reels integrated into the buyers’ journeys can provide them insider information about the place they want to visit. Additionally, Instagram has become the go-to place for travelers to find their inspiration, make bookings, and head on to a new experience altogether. 

With the most immersive format of content brought into surfing and booking experiences, you can escalate sales and boost ROI.

Jewellery & Luxury Goods 

Social proof is powerful. Potential buyers get influenced by existing users’ experiences and brand opinions. Here, adding Instagram Reels can showcase exclusivity while inspiring luxury goods shoppers to be a part of the brand’s story. 

Predictions are – by 2026, millennials will become the primary consumers of luxury. Furthermore, 6 out of 10 millennials rely upon user-generated content for making a buying decision. These numbers justify why shifting focus on relevant content makes sense for Jewellery and luxury brands. 

Instagram Reels can boost engagement, inculcate inclusion, and make buyers of Jewellery and luxury goods feel confident about their purchases.

Customer Goods & Electronics 

Brands can collect and feature the actual use of customer electronics and goods into their high conversion points to boost product information and conversions. 

Imagine your users create unboxing of electronic goods and share them via Instagram Reels with their audience, or capture their home decor moments using your furniture items. This content being unbiased, authentic, and inspiring can have a bandwagon effect on its viewers. 

Further, with tons of budding consumer goods and electronic brands, cashing your users’ voices over the marketing agenda can be profitable.

Over To You

Instagram is growing to become a Reels-first platform, showcasing the importance of bringing them to your selling places. Tools like Taggshop can help you collect Instagram Reels, curate them, turn them shoppable and add them anywhere on the shoppable pages. 

Stats suggest that 86% of the consumers say they’d purchase, try, or recommend a product if the content on Instagram is marked ‘worthy of sharing.’

If this blog intrigued your interest, time to amp up your marketing strategy.

Image credit: Taryn Oshiro-Wachi


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