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Here comes a lot of interesting facts and features of Google to share. « Google is not a conventional company. We do not intend to become one. » is what stated by the founders in company’s security registration form.Today Google is considered much more than just a search engine it has expanded exciting things like Google Glass and smartwatches. It has been unique in its approach in whatever it does. You will be really surprised to know about completely crazy and unique facts about Google which are beyond guess for most of us.

Let me outline some more facts to amaze you.

1- One of the earliest versions of Google was able to process only 50 pages per second at max. Now this limit has increased to millions of pages per second.

2- At the starting Google was stored in ten 4 GB hard drives within a Lego casing which enabled founders to expand its capability easily. Today it stores 100 million GB of data.Less known yet amazing features of Google 1

3- Google Street View is one of the most popular features of Google and has as much as 28 million miles of photographed roads.

4- The Google homepage was aligned towards the right side of the page instead of centred as long as March 2001.

Less known yet amazing features of Google 2

5- Klingon was included as a language interface option in 2002 and is one of the most interesting features of Google. It is an interesting language and comes with a huge set of suffixes. Mostly, attached at the end of the verbs SIQ and chep is the ending –jaj, which expresses « a desire or wish on the part of the speaker that something takes place in the future. »

6- Google hired 200 goats to mow the weeds and bushes in and around the headquarters. At their Mountain View headquarters instead of employing noisy mowers for clearing weeds and brush the field to reduce any fire hazard they preferred,  an eco-friendly approach by renting goats to do the job.

7- New employees at Google are known as  Nooglers.They are the Fresher candidate who has recently started their career with Google.

Less known yet amazing features of Google 3

8- Google rate of  company acquisition is amazingly high. It has been acquiring a new company every week since 2010.

9- Googleplex is one of the most unknown features of Google. Among the multiple wonderful sight to be seen at the Googleplex but the one that is really eye-catching is the gigantic T-Rex skeleton aka « Stan ».

10- Google’s office is very dog friendly. It believes that letting people bring in their pups will make their employees a lot happier but cats are not encouraged as they tend to be upset by dogs.

Less known yet amazing features of Google 4

11- Google earns almost all (99%) of its  profit on behalf of  its advertising. Which is evident from, Google’s Traffic Acquisition Cost (TAC), which for this quarter was as high as $5.5 billion, a good 32% rise from last year $4.18 billion for the same quarter

Less known yet amazing features of Google 5

12- Google Processes as much as 20 petabytes of data daily. This is amazingly huge amount for any company in the world. This displays their power and resources to process requests in such large scale.

13- Users can visit Google Mars to view the surface of Mars. It provides you a peek into the red planet of the galaxy. It is amazing that Google is trying to explore another world and introducing the same to you.

14- Home of Google contains 5 warnings and 28 validation errors.

15- Google provides 50% of its deceased employee’s salary to the respective spouse for 10 years. This initiative by Google reflects their respect for employees. This is really inspiring fact about Google.

16- Another very interesting rather surprising fact about Google is that during its initial days it was processing few queries hence 4 GB storage was sufficient but, with time queries grew to an enormous amount and it resulted in the expansion of Google storage up to an unbelievable amount of 100 million GB.

17- Google logo seems simple and easy but around 2000 Google doodles have been produced by efforts of various designers and illustrators since the launch of first one that dates back to 1998. The first logo featured Burning Man stick figure.

18- Google acquired Keyhole Inc. and renamed it as Google Earth in 2005. Keyhole developed Earth viewer that provided a 3-D view of the Earth.

19- Today, Google has evolved into much more than just a search engine.  Google Glass and smartwatches are currently to their modern products and soon they will show up with space elevators.

20- Google founder was not really interested in making a business out of Google and they were interested in selling it to Yahoo but were denied. Interestingly, Yahoo approached Google to buy it for  $3 billion. Google refused Yahoo and today they are valued at $400 billion.

21- The patent of  Google’s PageRank algorithm is still owned by Stanford.

Less known yet amazing features of Google

22- You will be shocked to know that Google founders were not good at HTML and couldn’t make the page fancy, therefore, they left a lot of blank space on the homepage to provide a simple user interface.

23- Google’s reCAPTCHA is helpful in teaching computers how to read the text. This part of the amazing features of Google has enabled computers to recognize words scanned from books irrespective of these words being wrapped.

24- Their head office also displays amazing structures like space ship, a Lego figure, adult-sized ball pits, Android statues, phone boxes and pink flamingos painted in Google colors.