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There has been a lot of talk lately about the need to converse with e-commerce consumers while they shop. As a result of this need, more and more advanced tools have emerged to respond to this problem.
One of them is Oct8ne. A tool that allows e-commerce businesses to assist each customer and help them find (and buy) the perfect item.
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We analyse Oct8ne: Introduction

Oct8ne is software that is trying to replicate, in an e-commerce, something that until now was specific to physical businesses: the assistance of an employee, guiding the customer to complete their purchase. But, how do they do this?
Basically, this solution takes advantage of shared visualisation through what they call a co-visor. That is, a live chat (super-advanced) with which to help customers to shop. This chat window not only allows you to talk to a user, but also to share images or videos with them, and much more.
This video gives you a very visual introduction to the tool:

According to Oct8ne, their co-visor has three main advantages:

  • A 15% increase in sales. In fact, in their last successful story, they achieved a conversion of 30%.
  • A 33% reduction in shopping cart abandonment
  • Greater loyalty: 70% of buyers go back to the e-commerce in which they have made a purchase.

If all these figures are met, we are face to face with a very interesting tool.
To give you a clearer view of what Oct8ne is and how it works, let’s analyse the different features of this tool for e-commerce one by one.

Oct8ne Functionalities

Some of our favourite features are:

Real-time product overview

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This is, in our opinion, the main functionality of the tool. Basically, the user and the salesperson can both see the same product on their screen. What’s more, it’s in real time.
Let’s take an example:
A visitor goes to an e-commerce that specialises in electronics. The chat pops up, and a salesperson asks if they can help them with something. The user tells them that they’re looking for a smartphone with a good camera, and the salesperson shows them – through the co-visor- which one they think will best adapt to their needs.
However, the user is interested in a smartphone that includes two different lenses for taking photos, an ordinary one and a wide-angle one, but they can’t see them on that item. To show the user that the product does indeed include them, the salesperson can zoom in on the image and point to where the two lenses are shown on the back. The user will be able to see it live, almost as if they had the smartphone in front of them.

Cross-selling and Upselling

Let’s continue with the example of the phone purchase. The user likes the smartphone recommended by the salesperson, and decides to buy it.
Before going to the shopping cart, the salesperson might say: “It’s a really good phone, do you want to get a case and a tempered-glass cover to protect it?” Very few users will say no.
The salesperson will show them the right case and tempered glass, and that customer’s ticket will go up in a blink of an eye.

Guided check out

The checkout is one of the most complicated parts of the purchase. Shopping cart abandonment is a very real problem, and Oct8ne is a very good option for reducing this.
Once the user has everything they need, they can add the products to the cart from the chat itself. However, the salesperson can also do so without the customer having to do anything, and they can assist them during the checkout process, to help with any problem that may arise.

Customers can upload their own images

We love this functionality. Let’s say a user has seen a particular chair in a Pinterest image, but can’t find it anywhere. They can go to a home decor e-commerce and, through the co-visor, upload the image for the salesperson to see.
Once they have the image, the salesperson can show them the most similar chairs available. Let’s even say they don’t have any similar ones. They can ask the user to upload an image of their living room and suggest others that might look good.
Interesting, isn’t it?

For the agent: manage several chats, transfer the client to another salesperson, etc.

The co-visor is not the same for a user as it is for a salesperson. The user sees the products and the chat, but the salesperson has more options. Among other things, they can:

  • Move between different chats in a very simple way, to be able to serve more than one user at the same time.
  • Transfer a user to another salesperson.
  • See the history of that user: they will be able to see what the user has bought in the past, the products they have looked at, their wish list, etc. This will allow them to give much more personalised service.

In short, the salesperson has absolute control of what is happening in the co-visor. This then translates into a much more satisfied customer and, naturally, more sales.

Oct8ne plans

Oct8ne offers 3 different plans, which you can see in this image (recently they have added a plan designed for start-ups, not included in this image):
Oct8ne plans
If you want to find out more about prices or functionalities, you can contact the sales team for a tailor-made quote.

Conclusions on OCT8NE

With the arrival of the big marketplaces, independent e-commerce businesses are being forced to provide excellent service if they want to differentiate themselves. From our point of view, it is tools like Oct8ne that allow your customer service to stand out from the rest.
However, this type of tool is useless if you do not have an agent (or several) who can provide good service to users coming to your site. There’s nothing more frustrating than a chat that isn’t working, so before you install Oct8ne in your e-commerce, make sure you can provide adequate service.
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