Tips to increase Product Page Conversions for your ecommerce store

Product page conversion

Increasing product page conversions can be overwhelming. Even if you have the smoothest checkout process, and various online Ads, if your product page is not optimized, there is a good chance you will struggle to make a sale online. To inspire people to make the purchase, you need to outline strategies that help bring in more conversions. Keeping in mind, the most challenging ecommerce stores go through, we have come up with a friendly guide, that explains how you can enhance your ecommerce product page and earn what you deserve. Adding customer reviews, using high-quality images and videos, and leveraging the psychology of customer behavior, are a few of the tips that we will share with you in the blog. Want to receive more orders for your ecommerce store? Read our blog all the way through.

How to Boost Product Page Conversions?

Before we get into details, here are some important elements of the high-converting product page, that you should take care of:

·        Include customer reviews

·        Use high-quality Images & Videos

·        Add trust badges

·        Understand customer’s psychology

·        Add product description and features

Include Customer Reviews

You can maximize your advertising budget, in order to increase conversions, but it won’t create an impact as strong as customers’ recommendations. When a user lands on your product page, the only thing that can help in building their trust in your product is by reading what former customers has to say. Online reviews not only help in building an emotional connection between the customer and the product but also push them towards making a firm purchasing decision. According to the latest research, these statistics proved the following:

·        More than 65% of customers don’t take action unless they have read reviews.

·        Around 80% have built trust in the product by reading the reviews.

·        Displaying reviews increases conversions by up to 100%

·        Businesses experienced repeated customers

With such statistics, it is evident, how vital customer reviews are for high-converting product pages.

Use high-quality images & Videos

This is the most essential ecommerce strategy, that each online business should practice. Images and videos play a major role, in bringing a customer from consideration to the conversion stage. Since the customer cannot experience the product physically, it is highly important, that businesses upload premium-quality pictures and videos. Even though, it is an obvious requirement, a lot of businesses intend to ignore this as it does require good investment. However, we suggest going ahead with it as you can earn good returns on it. Most importantly video content performs better when it comes to gaining more revenue. You can also use AI-generated image tools for better image results. Here are some benefits you can yield from good photography:

·        Make it clearer for the customer, how the product actually looks like

·        Create a nice impression of the product

·        Gain trust from customers

·        Produce brand consistency

·        Stand out from the competitors

Add trust badges

Since the time internet has gained popularity, people have been using various platforms to share about themselves. Whether it’s videos, images, or even a simple email ID. By adding trust badges, you can create a safe environment for your users. Such action will not only make them trust your brand but also, shop from it smoothly. Trust badges indicate that your business discourages data theft and that your users’ information is completely safe. Adapting to such a strategy will surely increase your conversions. Also, f you are a platform that has various sellers, then adding a trust seller badge can also help you gain more conversions for your online store. As it will indicate that the seller is less likely to cheat, leading customers to place an order happily.

Understand customer psychology

When trying to sell something, there is one thing that you should focus on – Psychology! It is a prime way to know actually what your consumers are thinking. A lot of businesses, online and offline, practice this technique to gain more purchases from their target audiences. Some of the most common psychological values are:

Reciprocityit is a practice of exchanging things for mutual benefits

Urgency An emotion to buy something before it’s too late

Scarcity – It is a need to buy something before it has run out

Authority – Buying something that influencers or public figures are purchasing

To gain product conversion for your ecommerce website, it is suggested that you spend some time getting to know the psychological tricks mentioned above.

Add product description and features

If you are still wondering, how to make a product page with the highest purchase rate then you don’t want to miss out on this point. When users click on a product page, they are looking to learn more about the product. If such information is missing from it, they take only nanoseconds to dismiss shopping from your website. For instance, if you have an online clothing store, and essential information such as the type of fabric is missing, the customer would happily divert to another website. This means, adding product descriptions, and features are extremely essential. If your product page, lacks these, there is a high chance, that you will not only lose a potential sale but also, a customer for good.

Product Pages are the backbone of an online store

Often when people jump on the bandwagon to sell products online, their only concern is which platform they should choose and how can they easily manage their store. They frequently forget to focus on the prime aspect, which is building a high-conversion product space. With the tips mentioned above, not only you will receive more sales but also build trust with your customers. Apart from these, some other things that you can do, to achieve desirable results, are:

·        Optimize product pages on mobile

·        Share product reviews on social media

·        Add frequently asked questions (FAQ) regarding the product

·        Mention features that are eco-friendly

·        Push them to make a purchase with an urgency

With that being said, product page conversions can make or break an ecommerce store. If you want to grow your business online, then it is highly advisable to make sure, that when a consumer, lands on your product page, he goes all the way through the check-out process.


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