Seasonality in Ecommerce can Help You Increase Conversions

Understanding the impact of Seasonality in Ecommerce

Seasonality in Ecommerce plays an essential role. Running an ecommerce store is not as easy as it sounds. Believe it or not, conversions and leads can fluctuate when there is a change in the season. And the worst part is it isn’t limited to weather only.

As an ecommerce business owner, you might struggle with how to identify what is popular in the market these days but luckily, thanks to Google, we do have some tools that can help. In today’s blog, we will explain some important elements that influence seasonality for ecommerce stores online. For starters, enhancing SEO can help you increase your conversions and generate better revenue. Similarly, putting up holiday offers can attract more traffic to your website. Without much further ado, let’s get on the bandwagon of Seasonality in Ecommerce and enhance your store according to the trends in the market.

What is Seasonality in Marketing?

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Seasonality in Ecommerce is a simple concept in marketing. It is known as the fluctuations found in customers’ purchasing behavior. As the fluctuation happens, companies sometimes face low sales and sometimes struggle to maintain supply due to high demand in the market. Wondering how Seasonality in Ecommerce affects demand? Here is a quick example, in winter, stores selling coats and boots will receive high demand for these products, whereas in summer, they might struggle to receive a decent amount of orders. However, Seasonality in Ecommerce isn’t limited to climates such as winters and summers. It also includes vacations and special holidays, such as Mother’s Day and Valentine’s Day.

Ecommerce Seasonality Tips You Should Know About

Redesign According to Seasons

Web designs play a major role when it comes to running an ecommerce business. UX, Interface, and other design features play an essential role in creating a first impression on your audience. Interactive designs can influence people’s shopping decisions. This tactic can work well for you during the holiday season. Let’s suppose, Valentine’s Day is around the corner, adding a cupid to your logo or adding confetti around the website, will not only make your website look more inviting but also encourage the audience to stay for a longer period. These changes can play a vital role and leave a lasting impression on your customer’s mind. Apart from websites, you can upscale the looks of your emails and social media pages too. Remember, to make an impression, you have to dress up well. And in this case, it’s your website.

SEO Tips for Seasonality in Ecommerce

Knowing what people search for on search engines is not only important during certain seasons, but all year around. However, to find out which product page is likely to get more traffic, it is wiser to know trending keywords. Even though SEO can take time to show results, if planned right, you can gain the desirable results easily. For example, if you find that people are searching for “ best gift ideas for Mother’s Day” or “a restaurant with vegan options”, then you can add related keywords to your website’s content. This way, your websites rank better and your products get noticed easily. Furthermore, you can rely on tools such as Google Trends to find out which category is receiving more views or conversions from your target audience. For instance, through Google Trends, you can find out if pullover sweaters are going to be more in demand, compared to turtlenecks. Keeping the survey in mind, you can offer special discounts on the popular kind. 

Geological Segmentation is a Must in Seasonality in Ecommerce

Geological segmentation is something that must not be ignored in ecommerce. Of course, targeting various locations can help your business grow. But did you know, it is important to segment locations within your country too? One of the core reasons, you should do it, is that within the country, cities do experience different weathers and holidays as well. For example, Texas is less cold than New York City in winter. Despite both the states being part of the USA, they have different weathers. Likewise, some states can have different holidays too. Sometimes, certain events such as sports, can also cause your business to focus on one certain location in the city. In order to grow sales, you should keep focus on various locations to enhance your strategies of seasonality in marketing.

Add Seasonal UTM Tags

This is sort of technical, but it will totally enhance your ecommerce game. Add UTM tags based on seasonal trends. A UTM tag also known as Urchin Tracking Module, is text that is added to an ordinary URL to provide information to Google Analytics about certain links. While they are used for tracing digital marketing campaigns, it does have an impact on your SEO. Keeping in mind the upcoming holidays, such as Valentine’s Day or Thanksgiving, you can send out emails to your target audience, with UTM tags inserted encouraging them to complete your desired action.

Other Tips for Seasonality in Ecommerce

What is Seasonality in Marketing

The strategies mentioned above are an effective way to achieve desirable goals, during various seasons, they also give you a chance to know your audience. Various countries have different kinds of weather and holidays which leads to customers reacting in different ways. Needless to say, it turns out to be one of the biggest challenges for ecommerce store owners today. To eliminate such struggles, it is highly advised to do thorough research about your market and your customers. Put efforts into discovering what your audience wants and who they are. This tactic can increase your conversions dramatically because different seasons and holidays offer you a better chance to earn well.

This means you should put on well-planned discounts and offers, aiming to gain profits that benefit your business. In today’s blog, we thoroughly discussed how you can grow your sales during seasonal fluctuations. Running an online business is a top choice for many as it doesn’t require you to invest much, and you are definitely safe from the hefty rents and bills. However, maintaining constant sales and understanding your customers can be a real challenge. Seasonality in Ecommerce actually gives you an opportunity to grow but only when you come up with smart tactics.


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