The holiday season brings immense opportunities for ecommerce. If you study the holiday marketing statistics and trends of previous years, you can easily conclude something useful out of those data and prepare an effective study for the current holiday sales.


In the American history, Europeans settled over a long ago and conflicts with the Native Americans have known. To establish harmony between to living groups a three-day feast celebration event was invented in 1621. It termed as Thanksgiving Day celebration. With the lapse of time, the next day of the Thanksgiving Day becomes Black Friday.

With the invention of the Internet, many marketing people have started celebrating the next Monday of the Thanksgiving Day celebration as Cyber Monday and accelerated online shopping activities. With the pace of time, the last week of November becomes holiday week, and the USA people enjoy holidays with great charm and enthusiasm.

A tradition has established that people on Thanksgiving Day eat testy and likely food and spend the entire day in leisure. The next day is Black Friday when people start queuing outside of the shops to buy things with heavy discounts and deals that are hardly available during rests of common days in the year.

People tend to spend a big budget over the holiday shopping that is phenomenon coming at the tail part of the year.

Ecommerce Holiday Sales Statistics & Reports

Adobe Reports

Adobe Digital Insights is a leading surveying and analysis agency on eCommerce marketing niche. It has aggregated data from nearly 22.6 billion online visitors and retailers based on the actual transactions committed in holiday sales 2016 to up to today.

It has recorded overall retail sales in the second quarter of 2017 $1,256.2 billion. Out of it, $111.5 billion share was of ecommerce sales.

Holiday Sales

It was a sharp increase of 16.2% in the ecommerce in the 2nd quarter of 2017 from the 2nd quarter of 2016. The most amazing thing the report has published is the record holiday sales of $3.34 billion in 2016 season. It was up 22% on last season of 2015.

Adobe also has provided statistical data on various holiday sales parameters.

Holiday sales and growth in 2016

Holiday Sales

The overall ecommerce sale was the highest on Cyber Monday while sales growth rate was the highest on Black Friday of 2016.

The Statistia is another leading online holiday sales data providing company. According to its reports.

Ecommerce Holiday Sales in 2015 & 2016

Holiday Sales

The sales on Cyber Monday was the highest during both years while the overall sales were increased in 2016 compared to the holiday season of 2015.

Delivery Preferences of the USA Holiday Shoppers in 2016

Holiday Sales

Compared to normal days, the holiday shoppers prefer more the delivery through shipping against going out and standing in queues.

Holiday Specific Ads

Holiday Sales

It has observed that the highest numbers of ads found on Cyber Monday and Black Friday following it.

Social Media Shares in Holiday Sales – 2016

Holiday Sales

The Facebook resides on the top while YouTube has secured the 2nd place and Twitter 3rd place.

Shopping Cart Abandonment Rate & Conversion Rate in Devices during Holiday Sales 2016

Holiday Sales

Brilliance has run a survey on shopping cart abandonment rate and conversion rate on various devices like desktops, smartphones, and tablets.

Unfortunately, the overall abandonment rate was high on all devices compared to conversion rate.

It flags the red signals for ecommerce merchants to prepare strategies that can reduce the abandonment rate and increase the conversions.

Ecommerce Holiday Sales Trends 2017

M-Connect Media ecommerce marketing team has analyzed holiday sales trends based on the reports of previous years. They have found following trends.

First Time Visitors in Holiday Sales

During holiday season, people use the web to grab deals and discounts available online the most. Therefore, it rises the number of Internet users exponentially with a big spike in ecommerce traffic.

It is becoming challenging for merchants to grab a big opportunity by attracting and engaging the first time visitors to convert as well as come again as first time visitors. Since most of holiday shoppers have intentions of gifting as well as shopping for themselves.

In due course, gift card is a great idea and digital gift cards are gaining momentum in the contemporary market.

Millennial in Holiday Sales

The one-third of population of the USA is of millennial age and they are 83.1 million in numbers according to recent surveys. Therefore, ecommerce merchants take care of the vast audience keeping their preferences, likes, and dislikes in mind while preparing holiday sales strategies.

Artificial Intelligence in Holiday Sales

The upcoming technologies have profound impacts on holiday sales and among the many, AI (Artificial Intelligence) has significant role. For instance, Siri and Cortana like voice search tools have voice recognition technologies that offer stunning user experiences.

Similarly, live chat tool like Chatbot is AI powered and excellent tool to help busy ecommerce merchants to deal with a lot of visitors with automated chat software. Therefore, merchants prefer the technology most during holiday sales and it has boosted installation rates of Chatbot software in the market.

Augmented Reality in Holiday Sales

Similar to AI, AR (Augmented Reality) is another tool to stunned and engage online visitors through a website or an app capable of delivering AR experiences. Today AR catalog app, AR mirror app, AR dressing room app, AR color changing app, and AR fitting app lets shoppers to indulge into an entire new world.

Quick Checkout in Holiday Sales

Single touch payment options like PayPal, Apple Pay, Android Pay, and Shopify Pay are excellent ways to provide the ever-hurried holiday shoppers to quick checkout experiences without bothering on safety and security issues.

Self-gifting in Holiday Sales

According to recent statistics on holiday sales of last year (2016), total gift cards worth of $46 billion have bought by USA adults. Out of it, nearly gift cards worth of $11 billion were used in self-gifting. It is due to tendencies of holiday shoppers to use gift card to grab big deals and discounts associated with it, as well as use gift cards to manage the b

Omnichannel in Holiday Sales

Tendencies of holiday shoppers is to buy online as well as in-store. Many shoppers use online channel while shopping in a brick store to compare the product as well as grab the best deal. Therefore, ecommerce must use Omnichannel approaches to grab a vast audience available on different channels.

Personalization in Holiday Sales

Data on holiday sales have revealed that various personalization tools and approaches enhance the overall user experiences and conversions. Therefore, online merchants must apply personalization strategies in boosting holiday sales.

There are many other such trends included in the 2017 Holiday Sales Guide written by Mr. Darshit Parmar (Magento Ecommerce Consultant) and released by M-Connect Media and you can sort out what is applicable in your circumstances.

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