Voice Search in Magento 2: A Fresh View of E-commerce

The era in which we are living is moving really fast. This is compelling every individual to think for the optimal ways with which he can succeed in his work arena. Whether it is a consumer or an entrepreneur, every one wants to be the finest in his own domain. So, where is the solution? It lies within the digital arena where we are living. It compels us to use the latest trends and tactics that are running hot into the market such as voice search.
When we discuss the several horizons of digital marketplace, new technology is rising each day to input the businesses with the supreme traits. The motto is, to serve the finest traits to your business. Largely in the eCommerce businesses, the best way to grow is to make the most from the platform that you are using.
Like for say, Magento 2 and 2.2.2 is running as the freshest edition with some unique features to add into your website. With each updated version, Magento community comes frequently with something interesting for its users. One good example is the implementation of voice search in Magento 2.
This concept has taken heights of success with the launch of tactics like Google Home and Amazon Echo. There is a bunch of scenarios called as micro-moments (a categorization is made by Google) to locate a set of instances where voice search seeks its demand in custom Magento development.

How voice search is rising

An important aspect that has been noticed by Microsoft’s Cortana is that users prefer to use speech for long queries. There is a fine diversification here. People near 25 years of age will try slang in their voice queries while the people above 40 years makes simple queries with natural language.
Moreover, people are more inclined to use interrogative sentences (in the question form) instead of affirmative lines (a kind of proper statement).
The worth mentioning aspect here is, voice queries are more locally-based to provide some local context. Like asking questions such as, “ the nearest bus” is a quick way to receive an easy answer without digging numerous pages.
Let’s check few leaders of the eCommerce market:

  • Google Assistant It not only responds to simple queries but also recognizes questions in the common language. Furthermore, it is not restricted to the specific query that you have made and provide more detailed information in reference to the stated answer.
  • Amazon Echo It is somewhat different from other personal digital assistants by carrying the additional functionality to handle a wide range of smart devices like IFTTT, Samsung Smart Things, Wink, etc.
  • Siri It is a personal assistant as well as question-answer tool that was majorly created for iOS devices. It scrutinizes natural speech and then gives answers along with giving recommendations. More from communicating, Siri entertains you and even cracks joke for you.

What To Expect From Speech Recognition Feature

With its long list of inherent features, this speech recognition tactic is essential in multiple areas such as:

  • People with physical disabilities who are devoid of the usage of keyboard or mouse,
  • Persons with chronic symptoms where they need to restrict the use of mouse and keyboard, such as repetitive stress injuries (RSI),
  • Patients with temporary limitations of broken arm or similar disability,
  • Users with cognitive and learning disabilities where voice is the only key to work instead of typing,
  • People who prefers more to use voice commands on mobile devices as compared to typing can quickly input their search terms.

Let’s Give a New Shape To Digital Realm

As voice assistants are becoming trendsetters, remote purchases and in turn, remote sales have gained prominence in Magento web development. As assumed from its inherent features, Google Home is supposed to have access to the millions to products. These are in reach of the customers to make a purchase by using the assistant.
The trading partners of Google will be going to increase significantly over time. Experts are assured that voice technologies can transform the eCommerce view in the foreseeable future. This wide reach is not limited to the internet marketing rather expanded to the search engine optimization.

With the advancement in the trends of digital marketplace, businesses are now restricted to having an online shop with few menus showcasing your products. The users of today are upgrading each day and they want the supreme features in your web store so that they will find you eligible enough to buy products from. This compels the Magento web development experts to think beyond mere search functionality. Speech recognition and voice commands are the cool features to add if you want to provide your clientele with something extravagant and in turn wants to top the chart of success. 

Image credit : Bhumik Parmar