11/11: Let Singles Day in China Boost your Sales

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The 11th of November (Singles Day, 11/11) seems like a regular day for e-commerce businesses in Europe and America but for China this is revolutionary holiday in which e-commerce shines. The holiday that started out as a celebration for single people at the University of Nanjing in 1933 has grown to be one of the biggest sales boosters in China.
This holiday did not naturally grow to such size but was pushed by major players in the Chinese market to become a sales heaven for marketplaces. Just as many people consider Valentine’s Day not as a day to celebrate love, but rather a dedicated day for shops to push their sales. The Singles Day is thus a great opportunity for anyone in e-commerce to take advantage of.
Not only is the day itself an opportunity but also the period leading up to it. Warm up sales have been introduced to increase the profit of this holiday. These days leading up to Singles Day will especially be important for smaller and mid-sized companies. They can use the buzz of the event to boost their sales and visibility without getting lost between the big sharks.

Singles Day for entrepreneurs and drop shippers

Buying your stock for black Friday and the Holiday Sales

For commerce entrepreneurs and drop shippers, this holiday can be a huge opportunity. A big part of the international market is not yet fully aware of how big this day actually is for the Chinese market and how this celebration can be used to obtain a bulk of discounted products.
Buying up your stock at this particular day, that you so desperately need for the busy times of Black Friday and holiday season, will save you a huge investment in the wholesale of regular priced products. DHgate is a B2B platforms that offers cheap deals during the 11/11 on which you can stock up for the upcoming Black Friday sales and Holiday Sales.
This marketplace is well known for their great cooperation between the different continents and currently works with over 50% of European and American companies. The platform has a dedicated Trust and Safety department in place that has put extensive anti-fraud, security and risk-management tools in place for the protection of its B2B buyers. Check out this interview with CEO, Diane Wang, on how DHgate has been able to help SMEs to grow internationally.
Singles Day

Great opportunities for drop shipping, take your chance while no one else is.

Let us tell you a little secret: are you working with drop shipping? And not yet familiar with Singles Day? This is THE opportunity for you to make the greatest revenue of the year. There are so many drop shippers that are completely unaware of the importance of this day, making it a great opportunity for you to take advantage! Offer your audience amazing discounts, coupons and giveaways. Trust us, your revenue has never been that high.

Boosting your sales on Singles Day

  • Shopping is entertainment

It has been mentioned by Chinese shoppers that the holiday is not about celebrating single individuals anymore. It has become completely about buying, even if it is products you don’t really need. So buying is the new celebrating – take advantage of this mindset!
Entertainment has become the biggest factor for people to indulge themselves and others in gifts. Making the shopping experience as entertaining as possible while using the right channels will increase the chance of conversion. Video ads are an engaging way to reach your audience and to create an unique emotional connection. Play on the emotional factors to reach people

  • Play on the User Experience

Another closely knit topic is the user experience of your website during the sales. Emphasize on the seasonal happenings, people are in holiday and want to enjoy themselves. Use the holiday colors to get them into the holiday spirits (and buying spirits).
Make sure you have offers in place that will attract your audience to buy your products, special 3 for 2 discounts as they will need quite some gifts for the season! Use flash codes to make the interaction more engaging and offer giveaways or extra’s for the extra effort.
Also, include flash sales, it will make your audience come back to your website repeatedly to check out the newest sale that is going on. It also gives a sense of urgency which will push customers to conversion.

  • Discounts, giveaways, contests and product launches

Discounts, giveaways and contests that are given by every e-commerce shop in China make this holiday to a success. Making use of these sales boosters is a crucial aspect. Offering great discounts on wanted products will attract customers to your e-commerce. Engaging your target audience in contests with challenging video’s with increase your conversion rate.
Another great chance this holidays offers is product launches. Offering your newest and most innovative products that are in high demand will attract customers to your e-commerce website. Getting visibility in the market with the newest products shows your company as a leader in the business.

  • Focus on products that work well

The products that are sold most during the 11/11 sales are consumer electronics, health and beauty products and apparel. It is the perfect timing to get ahead of competition and to maximize the holiday profits. Make sure you have these products emphasized in your offers. However, do not only focus on those products, keep your offer diversified and applicable for your audience.

Our little secret, don’t miss out!

As we said, the 11/11 is still pretty unknown in European and American territory. Keep it our little secret and you can definitely profit from this happening on a yearly basis! On the one hand, Singles Day, is a great day to stack up on products that will be sold during black Friday and the Holiday Season. High discounts will save you a great investment, increasing your eventual turnover.
On the other hand, the Singles Day sales make it a great opportunity for drop shippers in Europe and America to introduce the discounts in their home markets. Make sure you don’t miss out on this great opportunity to get ahead of your competition and to boost your sales. 11/11 is coming up very quickly and the warm up period has already begun. Make the sales fun and exciting and you will definitely take part again next year!
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