12 Marketing Strategies to Boost your E-commerce with Christmas Sales

12 Marketing Strategies to Boost your E commerce with Christmas Sales

Christmas is about joy, commitment and magic. Every positive soul on this earth wants to believe in magic because if you believe, something unexpected and miraculous will happen. Especially little ones are real believers. They strongly believe that Santa comes in stealthily from the chimney, leaves a present and goes away without being noticed. In their turn, adults hope for success during the upcoming year. Especially, most people think that if they start successfully, the favor will accompany them through the whole year.
Among these people, there are also the website owners who look at the celebrations from a business perspective. They believe that applying special marketing strategies will increase their sales during the Christmas celebrations. It’s not a secret that during these days people all around the world are looking for discounted offers. The fact that most of the gifts are purchased online creates grounds for healthy competition among the online sellers.
So, let’s unveil some of the most successful strategies you, as an online shopper, can use to boost your Christmas sales by making discount offers and promoting them.

1. Let your landing page be the first to announce your Christmas sales

12 Marketing Strategies to Boost your E-commerce with Christmas Sales
Your landing page is your main page first to greet your visitors. So, make it festive, appealing and engaging. Manifest your sales’ offers conspicuously to attract and invite your visitors to make a conversion.

2. Make a subscription popup to collect submissions for the upcoming email marketing campaigns

As mentioned, this is done for email marketing purposes. Through a polite and beautiful subscription popup window, you can persuade your visitors to provide their emails for you to send exclusive offers later on.
12 Marketing Strategies to Boost your E-commerce with Christmas Sales

3. Prepare gifts for first orders

Encouraging your customers with gifts after receiving their first order is an effective strategy to inspire and keep close relations with them. Even if they don’t make another purchase at the moment, they will save you for later consideration.
12 Marketing Strategies to Boost your E-commerce with Christmas Sales

4. Make discounts and gifts on the purchase of certain packs

An effective strategy is making a discount for another product in case of buying a package. Or else, you can offer your visitors to buy a product and get a discount on the second one. Make your offers visible on your website so that your potential customers are aware of the opportunity.
12 Marketing Strategies to Boost your E-commerce with Christmas Sales

5. Make beneficial shipping offers

So, as you know, customers are looking for beneficial offers on these days. What about free shipping on certain price categories? Surely, this offer will benefit you and your customers as you will make big sales and your customers won’t have to worry about the shipping costs.
12 Marketing Strategies to Boost your E-commerce with Christmas Sales

6. Run a gift-card program for your Christmas sales

Research has proven this strategy to be a very effective one. Thus, when you grant your potential customers with a gift card, they are encouraged to spend much more than the amount on the card. This strategy has even been proven to be superior to making discounted offers because receiving a gift card is perceived by plausible customers as more like an individual offer and an opportunity they wouldn’t like to miss. Also, to make most out of your marketing operations, give a certain limit to your offer. Clearly mention that the offer will be in force until the end of the celebrations, for example.

7. Be active on the socials

  •  Organize contests and grant presents to those who win

Organizing contests is quite an engaging strategy and is widely used on the socials. People love competing and winning. So, applying this strategy will get you a lot of page followers. Just be impartial and make it real. In addition to participating in the contest, ask the participants to like and share your page.

  •  Add a “Refer a Friend” section on your landing page

Make an individual discount offer to someone who will refer your page to his/her friend. Additionally, give a discount to the person referred as well.
12 Marketing Strategies to Boost your E-commerce with Christmas Sales

  •  Make use of social buttons or social popups

Being active on your social pages is crucial, but too much activity can be a risk to be haunted as a spammer. That’s why what you need to do is to create an opportunity for your website visitors to share your page on their social pages if they like it. With this aim, you only need to either add social buttons or to make a polite social popup. You can choose either of these strategies. However, you should know that as a rule, popups attract more attention. So, if you don’t have any other popups on your landing page, you can avail of the opportunity of this popup type.
12 Marketing Strategies to Boost your E-commerce with Christmas Sales

8. Use effective strategies to prevent shopping cart abandonment

There can be different reasons why potential buyers change their mind and abandon their shopping carts. The reasons can be both subjective and objective. The objective reasons are the ones you will need to deal with. These include cases of cart abandonment related to security, shipping, pricing issues etc. Just identify the reason and leverage the exit-intent technology to bring back your abandoning visitors. What is an exit-intent technology? This is the window that appears at the moment a user is about to leave the website. The popup window comes up with another useful offer to prevent abandoning users from performing the act. So, this technology is one of the most effective ones that comes to prevent shopping cart abandonment.
12 Marketing Strategies to Boost your E-commerce with Christmas Sales

9. Use an image popup to attract attention to your offer

An image popup is one of the most practical marketing strategies to invite your visitors’ attention to your discount offers. Just make it appealing and include a polite message within the image. You can make your image popup using any image. However, based on copyright issues, it is preferable to design your own.
12 Marketing Strategies to Boost your E-commerce with Christmas Sales

10. Leverage the countdown feature to create a sense of urgency

We know that people are controlled by their emotions often without realizing it. They are more likely to react quickly to an offer if the latter announces itself not being permanent. That’s why many successful businesses have started using the countdown feature. This is a six or eight-digit window with the numbers decreasing and showing the upcoming expiry of the offer. You can make use of the countdown feature either by providing particular space on your website or through making a countdown popup which will appear in front of your visitors on performing certain actions or during their stay on your site.
12 Marketing Strategies to Boost your E-commerce with Christmas Sales

11. Refresh your blog page with some engaging content

During the celebrations, the population might be looking for useful content on how to decorate a Christmas tree, how to design the table or what presents to give to a woman or a man. Well, depending on the industry your business is operating in, you can create useful content to “call” visitors to your blog. Then, great is the possibility that your blog visitors will navigate to your store to look at your offers.

12. Make use of YouTube marketing strategies

Similarly, during the Christmas celebrations, people keep searching the YouTube for useful video materials on the same topics. So, this is the right time to prepare some useful and engaging video content. In addition, you can choose to apply a video popup on your website. For this purpose, you only need to add your YouTube video URL while making the popup and place it on the preferred pages or posts.
12 Marketing Strategies to Boost your E-commerce with Christmas Sales

13. Get enrolled in an affiliate program

Affiliate websites exhibit special activity during these days. Get enrolled in an affiliate program to make more sales during these days. Although the owners of these websites will take some percentage of your income, we think that they are worth the compensation.

In conclusion

Christmas is a beautiful time for celebrations and a perfect occasion for online sellers to get revenue through making sales. And as people are looking for beneficial offers on these days, it will be just to the point to promote your discounted offers on various platforms. And if you apply the correct approaches, you will make a lot of sales which will be a good start of the year. And as it is acceptable to say, “If you spend Christmas celebrations cheerfully, you will succeed all the year round”.
What is your best tip on marketing strategies to use during the Christmas sales? Share it with us below or Tweet us!

Image credit : Mariam Sulaqvelidze


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