What is 3dcart and why does it face giants like Shopify and Magento?


The rise of e-commerce has led to the emergence of various platforms, such as 3dcart, born to accelerate the process of creating online stores.
Next, we will delve not only into what is 3dcart. We will also look at its most notable features and advantages.
With all the points that we expose, we will be able to find out if this solution is the most suitable to start an online business or if it is preferable to go to the competition (Shopify, Magento, WooCommerce, etc.).

What is 3dcart and why do many decide to open an online store with this platform?

In the following analysis of 3dcart, we must first address the definition of this e-commerce platform that, despite being on everyone’s lips, is not a novelty.
3dcart is an e-commerce software for the creation of online stores. However, this platform is not open source and free as, for example, Prestashop, but to make use of it has a monthly cost.
To know the origins of 3dcart, we must go back to 1997, the year in which the company was founded to develop software for this product and would become one of the leaders in the sector.
However, it was not until 2001 when it was launched to the public and began to operate in the online sector.
Since then, the improvements were arriving and new versions were introduced to be up to date with the new possibilities that also opened social networks, a very important aspect when selling and promoting products on the Internet.
All this has made 3dcart for e-commerce one of the favorite alternatives among users.

Main characteristics of 3dcart

Clarified what is 3dcart and what is its importance for e-commerce, it is worthwhile to delve into its most remarkable features.
And is that if there is something that 3dcart does have are very positive advantages that can make the user choose this platform over other competitors. But what are its main characteristics?

3dcart for e-commerce: easy to use for the entrepreneur

If there is something that any entrepreneur wants when setting up an e-commerce store it is to have as much time as possible to promote your product catalog and not waste time learning how to use an e-commerce platform.
And here 3dcart makes it easy: your dashboard or control panel is very simple to use and has all kinds of detailed information on all the movements that occur in the e-commerce.
Also, and knowing the importance of positioning in Internet searches, the entrepreneur or responsible for running the e-commerce will have different ways to make SEO throughout the portal and thus get ahead of the competition.
What is 3dcart and why does it face giants like Shopify and Magento

The customer will not have problems with 3dcart for e-commerce

It is just as important that the manager of an e-commerce has management facilities, as it is that the user/customer has no problems when trying to buy any product under the online trading platform.
3dcart is a tool that also makes it easy for the consumer: you can create wish lists or gifts and thus have more at hand all the items you want to buy in the future.
The handling is easy and intuitive, something that the consumer will be thankful for when carrying out any purchase.
You will also have an easy way to return the goods, as well as a quick contact with e-commerce in different ways.

The support in 3dcart is large and has integration with other applications and services.

If management is important in an e-commerce platform, it is also that the tools that have been chosen have good support. And 3dcart is a tool that is constantly improving.
This is thanks to the fact that to be used you must pay a monthly fee that in some way helps developers have more means -and the obligation- to improve the platform.
On the other hand, social media has a fundamental role in the e-commerce field. And 3dcart has a powerful API that connects to major social networks: Facebook, Twitter or Pinterest, among others.

Mobile First, something important for current consumption

Taking into account the current consumption trend and the large rise in navigation through mobile devices, it is important to assess that 3dcart has a “Mobile First” mentality.
This means that the design and operation of the entire platform are perfectly adapted to navigation on mobiles and tablets.
That is to say, it will work perfectly in small screens and the purchases will be agile that will make the client value the experience of use.

3dcart templates

The appearance of an e-commerce store is fundamental to attract as many people as possible. That’s why choosing the ideal theme or template is something to keep in mind.
3dcart templates are abundant.
And as with more than one e-commerce platform, some are paid and some are free. 3dcart has its own template shop (themes.3dcart.com). This speeds up the search for the ideal appearance and facilitates the purchase of them.
However, it is convenient to do a good review of the entire catalog and look for the most interesting topic and that best suits the philosophy and style of the brand.

3dcart prices

In the analysis of 3dcart could not miss commenting on the prices that have different plans. And is that this e-commerce platform has up to a total of 4 plans depending on the needs of the user.
However, it also offers a free 14-day trial to familiarize yourself with the service and see if it really is the perfect platform to start an online business.
To begin with, it should be noted that all plans offered by 3dcart enjoy a special price for the first 12 months. We will indicate the prices of 3dcart in the promotion and what will be the quota after that first year.

  • Startup Store: the most basic plan may be of interest to entrepreneurs who want to manage online commerce on their own. This plan only allows one user and is priced at $14.25 per month for the first 12 months, rising to $19 after promotion.
  • Basic Store: the following plan is ideal for a newly set up company that needs access of several members (2 to be exact). The price of this plan rises to 21.75 dollars during the first 12 months, rising to 29 dollars after promotion.
  • Plus Store: according to the platform, it is the star product. It is perhaps the perfect solution for companies with several employees. In this case, up to 5 users are allowed access. Its price is 59.25 dollars the first year of subscription, rising to 79 dollars after this promotional period.
  • Pro Store: it is a plan designed for an e-commerce store with a long route and sufficient solvency to have a large number of employees on staff. In this case, we are talking about the possibility of having up to 15 users online. But this has a high price: 171.25 dollars for the first 12 months and 229 dollars after promotion.

What is 3dcart and why does it face giants like Shopify and Magento-pricing

Conclusions about 3dcart

After the analysis of 3dcart, it is time to come to the conclusions we can draw from this popular platform for e-commerce.
It is not a free platform, but in exchange for a monthly fee, the customer will have several advantages. Also, 3dcart offers many customization possibilities that will fine-tune the e-commerce.
This platform has positioning possibilities such as being able to use keywords or the use of rich snippets, among other fascinating options.
On the other hand, another of the most interesting advantages revealed by the analysis of 3dcart is its shop templates. This is ideal for choosing the most appropriate look and that best integrate into the style of the store you want to launch or the niche in which you want to undertake.
Last but not least, 3dcart is based on the philosophy “Mobile First”, so the experience through mobile devices is assured.


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