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Along with WooCommerce and Magento, Shopify is proud to be one of the most popular options for launching an online store.
Have you already started your commercial odyssey, but aren’t getting the results you want? High competition, an inappropriate product or price war are the most frequent reasons for e-commerce failure.
But the use of inadequate and unprofessional designs is also a factor to consider.
Below you will discover these and other answers to how to improve the design of a shop in Shopify. You can’t miss them!

How do you make your Shopify store look more professional? 5 keys to achieving it

Offers a premium internal search engine

Most marketplaces have a deficient internal search engine, unable to respond to the needs of its users.
Especially in e-commerce stores with a very high stock, the search function is useful for customers, especially if you can use the appropriate filters and segmentation options.

How to make your Shopify store look more professional - Search engine Ghostly
Shopify Store Ghostly’s search engine

The search box must be visible at all times. Disguising it would be a mistake, as it would cause friction among consumers, causing many to leave the site. Also, your search engine must incorporate the autocomplete functionality. It will help users search faster.
But in addition, their codes must be prepared for human error, correcting possible errors that may contain their queries.
On the other hand, the best e-commerce stores in the market use the big data of their internal searches to boost their marketing campaigns. Follow their example and use the search history of your users for mailing and other initiatives!
Of course, this is one of the keys to knowing how to make your Shopify store look more professional.

Use personalized images and videos in products

Your e-commerce is unlikely to manufacture most of its stock. The normal thing is to have several suppliers, who in addition to sending you products, will be in charge of providing you sample photographs.
Do you publish these sample images in your product files, instead of taking your own photographs and videos? You’re making a mistake.
The best e-commerce stores take personalization to the next level. Never publish images on their products that anyone else could have. They do their own photo shoots to bring more exclusivity to their customers!
High-quality eye-catching images are essential to ensure that products are attractive to visitors. Because they can’t touch, smell or taste them, images and videos are the only thing they have at their fingertips.
Your images and videos are the best letter of introduction for your products, so personalise them and increase their quality!

Select the right colors (and I understand their impact on psychology)

Another key to knowing how to make your Shopify store look more professional lies in the color palette to use.
Colors convey emotions and include in the perfection of a brand among its consumers! The ecommerces are no strangers to their power.
When designing your online store, you should not limit yourself to adapting your corporate branding: you must identify and promote the emotions that will be transmitted to your customers.
Generally, few colors should be used in the design (2-3 at most) to better harmonize with each other. But the tones to use (and especially their combinations) must be studied carefully.
Let’s see what is the meaning for customers of the main colors:

  • Red transmits ambition, energy, passion and leadership, being present in companies like Virgin or Red Bull or in ecommerces like Rakunten.
  • Light and dark blue transmit trust, sincerity, loyalty and responsibility. Numerous social networks use it to reinforce the confidence of their users. Ecommerces can also use them, as Zappos has shown.
  • Orange is suitable for transmitting optimism, spontaneity, motivation and customer orientation. In addition to Amazon, ecommerces such as Zalando have opted for this color.
  • The combination of these colors speaks to us of diversity, freedom and creativity, being present not only in the Google logo but also in marketplaces such as eBay.

How to make your Shopify store look more professional - Google eBay

Accelerate the load times of your ecommerce

And if you are still wondering how to improve the design of a shop in Shopify, you should know that loading speed is a crucial feature in the best ecommerce.
Do you know what sets Amazon apart from its many competitors? 0.5 seconds of load. The speed with which your chips and product categories are displayed is amazing!
Jeff Bezos’ marketplaces understood early on that if his store took too long to load, a percentage of his customers would leave. And that percentage (though small) translated into a loss of millions of dollars. Yes, millions.
If your ecommerce has load times above the average for your industry or niche market, these tips will help you reduce it:

  • Suppress plugins, widgets and other apps that you do not need, as they tend to burden the loading times. Can you do without one or integrate it into your HMLT or CSS? Do it.
  • Adapt the dimensions of your images and compress them to reduce their weight. This and other audiovisual content are mainly responsible for high loading times.
  • Simplify your image carousels so that they only contain 2-3 images. Studies have shown that most users only view the first and second images. What happens to the rest? They burden your loading times for free.

Implement SSL certificates and other security credentials

Security and privacy are increasingly sought after qualities among online consumers.
Do you think they are not related to the design of your Shopify store? Then, you should know that SSL certificates and other credentials are present in the aesthetics of the most professional e-commerce stores.
Because when a customer accesses your online store, they should see a green padlock in their browser. This will make them feel safe. But there are many other examples.
When your consumers are in the checkout process, the final part of the sales process, it is important to show them an icon or label of ‘Secure Payment’, ‘Guaranteed Refund’ or similar. This will influence your purchase decision.

Image credit: Serj Marco


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