5 Tips to sell on Instagram through an E-Commerce

If there is a social network that has grown noticeably in users, it has been Instagram. This platform, which prioritizes images and more recently videos, has become an ideal space for online companies.
Especially for E-Commerce merchants, Instagram allows them to display an entire catalog of products in an attractive way, with purchase links and the possibility of interacting with target customers in a direct and natural way.
To learn more about the data surrounding this famous social network owned by Facebook a few years ago, Hootsuite published a study in which interesting figures were revealed. For example, this popular social network hosts 1,000 million users and 80% of them live outside the United States. Also, if you want to know what type of users are the most common on Instagram, this same study reveals that 39% are women and 30% are men.
However, in order to get the most out of this social network based on images, we are going to learn some tips for selling on Instagram. Selling on Instagram is easy. However, it must be borne in mind that not all accounts can sell products, it is necessary to activate a company account on Instagram.
Also, it is not a bad idea to contact influential people in this network; that is to say: contact with the well-known Influencers, who help to promote our products. Nor is it a bad idea to use Instagram’s own advertising platform.
Below we will discover these and other tips for selling on Instagram. Will you join us?

Boost your E-Commerce sales with these 5 tips for selling on Instagram

Activate your company profile and access exclusive features

The first of the tips for selling on Instagram is to activate the company profile. By activating this profile you will get exclusive advantages.
The first thing to bear in mind is that Facebook is the owner of Instagram. And for obvious reasons, E-Commerce should have an active profile in both networks. What’s more, the Facebook account must be a company account.
Once this is done, only both networks should be associated.
From that moment on, the E-Commerce or online rein will be able to place direct links in the images; links in the form of a pop-up that informs of the name of the product and its price. And when you click on them, the user will be sent directly to the purchase of it.
5 Tips to sell on Instagram through an E-Commerce - Business

Associate with influencers

Another tip to keep in mind is to associate with influencers, public figures – or not – who are opinion leaders in certain fields and who often carry on their backs a good handful of followers.
In other words, these premium users will be able to reach a greater number of users and your product can reach a greater number of potential customers. However, it should be noted that not all influencers are suitable for all types of products.
Therefore, it would be necessary to do a previous search of the suitable profiles that can be more identified with the product that wants to be sold and therefore, to give more confidence to the users.
Also, among the various profiles that may be of interest, it is important not only to look at the number of “likes” it houses but if the publications usually have enough interaction with followers, that the comments are abundant.
Why? Because in this way we will know for sure that users are interested in the advertised product.

Use Instagram Ads

Relying solely on influencers is not a good idea, because you must always have alternatives. And another of the tips for selling products on Instagram is to use the social network’s own advertising platform known as “Instagram Ads”.
As in the first tip, these ads can be used as long as the profile of your company or E-Commerce has the “business” profile.
If you have it activated, everything will be easy, depending on the fee you want to pay, here depends on each need, you can create ads with both photographs and videos.
Finally, this tool is complete. You will be able to consult at all times the statistics of the campaigns you create, as well as know how many visits you have in each ad and which are the campaigns that have generated the most interest among the public.

Use hashtags in your posts

Another good practice to improve sales in Instagram is to use correctly the labels -hashtags- in the publications.
With the use of this type of text preceded by “#”, these images will join with others of the same nature and may reach more target audiences.
However, it would be appropriate to carry out a prior study of which labels are most used by users on a daily basis and place them among our publications.
However, always taking into account those that fit your product, otherwise, the result will not be adequate. Finally, the maximum optimal figure would be not to use more than 5-6 tags or hashtags per publication.

Increase your followers with contests

And if you are still wondering how to sell on Instagram, you should know that the most successful E-Commerce merchants in this social network are, in turn, those that have a greater number of followers.
The more followers you have, the more chances you have of getting sales. Therefore, one of the priorities of the person in charge of carrying out the strategy in social media would be to contribute ideas in this sense.
And one of the most interesting options would be the contests: raffle some of the products sold in the E-Commerce and make that to participate must follow the account in question and name some other follower. In other words, encourage word of mouth among users.
Selling on Instagram is easy, just activate the company account on the popular social network.
At that precise moment, E-Commerce will be ready to start selling products. And it is also the most delicate moment: to reach all the public and sell our products in an intelligent way.
With the help of these tips for selling on Instagram (create contests, contact influencers, etc.), the results of your E-Commerce on this social network will improve significantly.
In addition, it is also important to conduct a preliminary study before developing campaigns and study the behavior of potential customers of our products.
Only in this way will Instagram become a powerful online sales tool!

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