6 benefits of customer reviews on your ecommerce

Online shoppers want to learn about other shoppers’ experiences. And this trend is confirmed by the study published by Spiegel Research Center which indicates that 95% of shoppers read comments online before making a purchase.
And is this good for business? To continue with the data published by the same source, the example is clear: a product with 5 opinions has a 270% more chance of purchase than a product without any review.
Therefore, one of the benefits of customer reviews is the possibility to increase sales considerably. In addition, opinions contribute to creating a good or bad reputation in digital environments.
According to BrightLocal, 93% of local consumers use reviews and opinions to determine whether a company has a good/bad reputation and is trustworthy. On the other hand, the agency Testimonial Engine indicates in a study that 72% of users do not decide to carry out an action (purchase, download, etc.) until they have read the testimonials of other customers.

What are the main benefits of online customer reviews?

Having an online store without opinions is as if it has no soul. In addition, it will create distrust among the new public.
The feeling that sales are low, will make the reputation of the portal does not grow and the credibility of the business is low.
That is why with the following practices you will know what are the benefits of betting on including customer opinions online:

Stimulates the decision to buy

One of the main benefits of online customer reviews is that users who visit the online store are more eager to get to the end of the purchase.
How? Stimulated by the good reviews of other customers who have previously decided on a specific product.

Increases confidence in new customers

If a product has good ratings or can simply be reviewed, customers tend to rely more on ecommerce.
Thus, reviews increase the confidence of new consumers, something essential to reduce rebound rates or abandonment of shopping carts.

Helps Build Loyalty for Existing Customers

Building a strong customer community around an online store is no easy task.
However, helping these customers interact in the online store will help to build loyalty; repeat purchases will generate more trust between them and we will also have better visibility on the Web, as indicated in the next point.

Improves SEO positioning of ecommerce

But what does SEO (Search Engine Optimization) have to do with it?
It’s simple: the more text you have published in online shops, the more options you will have for keywords to appear in other users’ search results.
The more keywords you have distributed throughout the portal, the more visits you can generate and possibly increase sales.

Brings credibility to products and the company

Credibility is a fundamental basis in an online commerce or ecommerce.
Who hasn’t wondered if the product will reach its recipient after purchase? Is it a reliable company in this respect?
Adding online customer comments are eliminating these doubts that can ruin the completion of a sale.

Knowing which product works best

Adaptive power is important in this respect and even more so when offering products to customers.
Knowing at all times which is the product that generates the most interest or the least popular among the customer community, will be essential to adapt the catalog of items offered.
It has been possible to verify which are the benefits of the opinions of clients in an ecommerce: greater confidence at the time of deciding for the products; an improvement in the positioning Web (SEO) of the portal; possibility of knowing of first hand which articles arouse more interest between the clientele or simply, the power to create fidelity between the already registered users.
Now that you know its benefits, what are you waiting for to start ‘collecting’ reviews in your product files?
Several plugins and apps allow you to implement this function in WooCommerce, Shopify and other ecommerce platforms. You no longer have excuses to be at the forefront!

Image credit : Othman Khaliv


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