Brand Leaders from VW, Aon, and Spark discuss the future of marketing

The future of marketing is personal. As the expectations of your customer skyrocket and the relationships they forge with their brands grow looser, it can be challenging to continually inspire loyalty while also driving growth.  With so many companies now vying for the attention of your audience it’s now imperative to stand out from the crowd and deliver not just punchy but personalised and thoughtful marketing. “Understanding the customer journey is the single most important factor in delivering personalised interactions” according to Michal Szaniecki, Managing Director of SEAT and Cupra at Volkswagen.
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To truly understand your customers’ journey and inspire loyalty you need to first get to grips with what your customer wants. Leveraging data from across your different channels and placing this at the forefront of your marketing strategy can guarantee that customers receive the right content, communications, and offers at the right time.  “The customer journey is crucial and the foundation for the approach towards (future) clients. The ‘traditional’ push campaign and (cold) calling initiatives are diminishing in relevance fast.” Is the opinion of speaker Arjen Vissers who is the Managing Director of marketing and comms at financial giant AON. Furthermore, a brand such as Harrods with a versatile clientele builds up a picture of who their customer is, what they buy and when they buy it to directly impact the products they then recommend and also what other areas of the Harrods portfolio of products they might be interested in browsing.
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On the other end of the spectrum, Burger King has become renowned for their witty and mold-breaking marketing campaigns which rely heavily on external agencies to help ensure freshness in their work. From cheeky geofencing of McDonald’s restaurants through to creative adverts like the Andy Warhol piece, the emphasis is solely on standing out from the crowd and inspiring loyalty with a clear brand purpose. This shift towards standing out from their competitors has shown clear results for company growth and will harvest attention and positive consumer thoughts.
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