What are the best ways to increase the conversion rate in retail?

E-commerce is living its best years and also its period of greater internal competition. Perhaps the toughest battle will be fought by retailers.
The conversion rate (the percentage of users who carry out an action within a website) is one of the most important metrics for this market.
How to increase the conversion rate in retail? Perhaps for this, you should know what is a good conversion rate of e-commerce.
According to experts, these figures should be between 1% and 2%, i.e. for every 100 users browsing or visiting an online store, 1 or 2 users would carry out the desired action (buy, register, download content, etc.).
The conversion rate to e-commerce is currently around 1.85%, according to the latest study published by Wolfgang Digital. This figure is slightly higher than what was published exactly one year ago by the same agency.
In 2018 the rate was around 1.56%. It is also true that the use of mobile phones and tablets during the process of buying or downloading service has also led to this number increasing.

6 Ways to Increase the Conversion Rate in Retailing

Reduce the number of steps in your checkouts

One of the main ways to increase the conversion rate in retail will be to eliminate steps to be taken by the user before his purchase or specific action comes to an end.
That is to say, the ideal would be that once the user enters in the e-commerce and decides to carry out a purchase, the steps to follow are few and clear, that at no time can fall into an error or that the information lent is not clear at all.
This will make mistrust take hold of the potential customer and never return to e-commerce.

Improve product datasheets with quality images and videos

A picture’s worth a thousand words, isn’t it?
And when the products sold in an online shop are accompanied by images – and even videos – the user/customer can make a better decision, confidence in the possible sale will increase.
However, if the text is careful, special attention should also be paid to the quality of these images or videos.

Offer multiple payment options

A careful text without spelling mistakes; quality images or eliminate steps in the “checkout”.
But another way to improve the conversion rate in retail would be to be able to offer the greatest number of options when making payment.
That is to say, to offer the possibility of paying directly with credit/debit card; to be able to make use of a Paypal account; to accept bank transfers, among others.

Bet on remarketing

Cookies. In an online store are necessary, as long as the whole process is properly informed to the user and what is the treatment of the data that will collect these small files.
Well, after knowing this information, something interesting would be to rescue those users undecided in the purchase, who abandoned, for example, a cart full in their account. And that this action is known as “remarketing”.
With this, thanks to other online advertising services, the user will be reminded that the product or service he or she was interested in is still available.

Shows certificates and trust seals

One of the ways to increase the conversion rate in retail must be based on the trust created in the customer. That’s why you have to take care of the smallest detail.
Not only the appearance or design of the online store is important, but you must also take care of the certificates that are included or the processing of data that the online store remains in its database.
When you visit a portal or website, the browser bar will offer one of the most important information, perhaps the most important for everything to run its course: whether the site is reliable or not.
And this is resolved by hiring an SSL certificate, which can be identified when the URL (web address) appears “https://” instead of “http://”. This will be accompanied by a green padlock icon.
It would also be interesting to show customers’ opinions of the products being offered.
This will also generate confidence in potential customers, as well as generate a reputation of the trade in the Network.

Always  have up-to-date stocks

Having all the stock updated will avoid that the client is with unpleasant surprises when it arrives at an offered product that is no longer available.
This practice can lead to a feeling of neglect or poor stock in the minority trade.
And perhaps the most tedious part of the issue may be when all these parameters have to be entered or removed by hand.
However, when a product is already in stock or one of the colors is no longer available, the best solution is to remove it from the portal database and obtain a cleaner and more real offer than what the shop can offer at that precise moment.
Having e-commerce does not mean working less, but rather enjoying greater sales opportunities.
And with the help of these best practices, optimizing the conversion rates of your online retail business should not be a problem. What are you waiting for to get it!

Image credit : Rezaul Razib