6 Critical Actors of Success in E-Commerce

Creating an online business is relatively easy: get money to invest, be clear about which business you want to form, get the goods and start an ecommerce.
However, not everyone survives in the digital world, due to the high competition of this market and the many obstacles to overcome.
Although online commerce grows at a rate of 13% per year, according to different studies, it is also true that this entrepreneurial movement also has between 80-90% failure.
And perhaps one of the critical factors of success in e-commerce is bad practices and sloppiness.
Not having goals to follow; leaving aside the metrics, not adapting the website to the trend (mobile devices) or not taking into account the opinions of customers, can be mistakes that imply the failure in an ecommerce.
Having a good marketing strategy and being aware of the day-to-day online commerce can be key success factors in ecommerce. But there are more keys to successful e-commerce.
What are the key success factors in ecommerce? Discover them!

It is necessary to have everything well tied before starting an ecommerce in Internet.

It is true that an electronic commerce can have a different approach -perhaps facilities- as opposed to a physical commerce: forget the payment of a rent of a space in which to be able to operate; the expenses of the resources (light, water, etc.) are also to a side.
But as stated above, it may seem at first glance that the online sector is easy.
And unfortunately it is one of the most typical mistakes; it is quite the opposite: some cats and worries disappear while others appear: online hosting expenses, being at the latest in e-commerce platform or maintaining a daily website with certificates, pay attention to all doubts that customers present, etc.
Therefore, in order to successfully run an online business, some good practices will be given below to help ensure that failure never appears.

Optimising ecommerce for mobile traffic

Today, mobile web traffic is important. According to different studies, the increase of this type of visitors is more popular.
Therefore, one of the critical factors of success in e-commerce is to pay special attention to the optimization of ecommerce for mobile traffic.
Users must be able to navigate seamlessly from any device (mobile, tablet, computer, etc.).
All tabs or sections must be accessible, payment options must be easy to click and touch, descriptions and images must be displayed correctly, etc..

Give priority to quality in stock, rather than quantity

Having more is not synonymous with quality. And this can be seen in many examples on the Net: Asian bazaars can be the best example to illustrate this business model.
For this very reason, one of the possible keys for e-commerce to enjoy good health on the Internet is to give priority to quality in stock and not quantity.
That is to say: that the articles that are offered can be distinguished from the competition and quality can be appreciated in the materials.

Increase web traffic in a sustainable way

Another key success factor in ecommerce is not wanting to increase web traffic with ups and downs.
It is true that notoriety on the Internet is the most important and one of the keys for the business to achieve success in a booming market, differentiation is the key.
Therefore, you must bet on getting a sustainable web traffic: be constant and never campaign for a season and leave aside the promotion of ecommerce. This practice does not play in favor of positioning in searches.

Building a solid reputation based on service

When a customer bets on a purchasing platform or a reference website, what they value most is that the service provided is up to expectations.
Therefore, one of the factors that should always be taken into account is that the service provided is the best that can be offered.
In this way, in addition to getting customers to make use of “word of mouth”, it will also be possible to build a solid reputation in the market.

Guarantees maximum security for your buyers

In addition to providing the best possible service to build a good reputation on the Internet is very important.
But one of the critical factors of success in e-commerce is the security offered to buyers. Customers do not want to see their personal or financial data compromised.
Therefore, offering maximum guarantees in this regard is also important.
Perhaps what most interests ecommerce is that the customer’s browser does not launch a message of distrust when visiting it.
To avoid this, the best solution is to contract and install an SSL certificate, a certificate that guarantees the encryption of the data collected during the entire purchase process: personal data and bank details.

Always bet on the latest version of the ecommerce platform

Online commerce is always in constant development and with continuous improvements. Choose to include and update the platform used (Prestashop, Shopify, WooCommerce, among others).
In addition, betting on having the latest version of the platform, we will also be able to offer improvements in purchasing services to customers: new forms of payment, better integration with mobile versions or new interesting features that bring quality to ecommerce.
In short, creating an online business is easy, but the fact that it lasts on the Net is not so simple.
However, all you have to do is follow a few simple steps and put them into practice rigorously: create trust in the customer by providing a secure website; create a good online reputation by providing the best possible service, as well as offering a quality product and leaving quantity in second place.
The latter will always be better put into practice when the ecommerce grows and the figures provide security of investment.


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