Analyzing the actions of your customers with Nosto

what is nosto

In this article we’re going to explain what Nosto is, what it offers and how it can help you sell more.
In short: Nosto analyzes the actions of your customers, learning what they like and don’t like and allows you to offer automated and personalized recommendations in real time.

What functionalities Nosto offers

Facebook Ads

Nosto’s custom Facebook ads automatically display your products on Facebook based on the products a user has seen or purchased in the past. Ads will be displayed directly in that user’s news feed.
You can retarget customers who left the cart without finishing their purchase. Nosto will recommend customized products for them, based on their previous shopping experience.
With abandoned cart recovery ads, you can encourage people who added products to the cart but did not complete the checkout process. On Facebook, you can recommend products related to what they had in their cart.
You can even show ads to customers who have already purchased from your store. Encourage them to continue shopping in your store, suggesting products that you think will be relevant to them.
This translates into higher conversion rates, higher order values and more satisfied customers.

Product recommendations

Home page

In the home page of your e-commerce, you can welcome back customers to your website. This will allow you to show the products they are interested in and help them complete their shopping experience with you. With Nosto, you can automatically show trend products so that your customers can see what is most popular right now.

what is nosto recommendations
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Other options that can be displayed on the home page are the products you have seen recently and the recommendations in which each user sees items they may like.

Product Data Sheets

In the product cards, you can show the recently viewed products, as well as cross-selling and up-selling.
Up-selling: Your shop will automatically propose similar products, but at a higher price.
Cross-selling: Your shop will recommend products complementary to those that appear in that product card, which helps you to increase the ticket of that purchase.
Products for sale are automatically recommended at higher prices, but similar products. Cross-sell products recommend items that are complementary to those on the product page, making it easier for your customers to find related products and add more items to their cart.

Category Page

On the category page, you can display the most popular products in this category and the products that the user has recently seen.

Checkout page

On the shopping cart page, you can add a “Customers who bought this product also bought…” or “Products you’ve seen recently” section.

Search page

On the search page, you can show “Customers who searched for “xxx” saw these products.

Pop-ups based on behavior

what is nosto popups
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Using Nosto, you can make limited time offers, or offer unique discounts for your customers. Empowering the sense of urgency works well, and encourages undecided users to make their purchase.
With Nosto, you can create pop-ups for new or recurring customers, and offer them a discount. You can reduce the abandonment rate with a pop-up window activated when the customer intends to leave. You can offer specific promotions for those customers who come to your website through SEM or a Facebook advertising campaign.
In the image above you can see an example of what a pop-up would look like offering a discount code to a specific customer.

Personalized Emails

what is nosto personalized emails
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Nosto offers different types of automatic email that you can send to your customers. An example of this are abandoned cart recovery emails. When a customer adds an item to their cart and ends up leaving your website without buying, you can send them an email reminder, which reminds them of the item they had seen and try to boost the purchase.
what is nosto email abandoned cart
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Another type of automatic email you can set up is order tracking. You can set up follow-up emails in which you send related product recommendations to those users who have already purchased. You can set a waiting time to send them, like a couple of days. This way you can attract buyers again.
The “We miss you” emails are also very useful to bring to your website customers who have not remembered you for a long time. Emails are automatically sent with personalized product recommendations based on the latest behavior.
what is nosto email we miss you
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In conclusion: Why Nosto?
Nosto has different plans, depending on the functionalities you want to access:
what is nosto rates
Nosto prices in November 2018

With Nosto, you get detailed reports of many KPIs from your store.
Some of the numbers you can access are:
Audience: general statistics of your ecommerce visitors
Potential Sales: Describes what sales would have been if users had not abandoned the cart.
Nosto Recommendations: Nosto-specific performance statistics
Emailing enabled: Nosto specific statistics email
Pop-ups with discounts: Pop-up statistics
Total Sales: General Sales Statistics
Sales through Nosto: Nosto-specific sales statistics
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