Why You Should Choose Custom Web Development Over Website Template?

Website development is far more effortless today than it was like ten years ago. Thanks to the outstanding web development platforms like WordPress, one can start his own website without any coding knowledge. However, as a business owner or as an entrepreneur, you have to make some critical decisions prior to the web development process. One tough call is to choose between custom web development or go for the pre-made website templates. Well, the solution is completely subjective, and both have their individual sets of pros and cons. However, custom web development is preferred because it has certain benefits...

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[#Infographic] 50+ WordPress Website Maintenance Tasks That You Shouldn’t Ignore

All online businesses who use a WordPress website would agree to the fact that WordPress is the most amazing CMS platform in the market today. It is easy-to-use, has a user-friendly dashboard, offers you an array of visually stunning themes and comes with a horde of plugins that makes managing your website a hassle-free task. Moreover, WordPress is also responsive and has an SEO-friendly framework that helps you to optimize your site for users as well as search engines alike. But, in order to enjoy all the benefits that WordPress provides, one needs to ensure that their website is...

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