Why You Should Choose Custom Web Development Over Website Template?

Why You Should Choose Custom Web Development Over Website Template

Website development is far more effortless today than it was like ten years ago. Thanks to the outstanding web development platforms like WordPress, one can start his own website without any coding knowledge. However, as a business owner or as an entrepreneur, you have to make some critical decisions prior to the web development process.
One tough call is to choose between custom web development or go for the pre-made website templates. Well, the solution is completely subjective, and both have their individual sets of pros and cons. However, custom web development is preferred because it has certain benefits that provide the competitive advantage over the generic website templates.
Why You Should Choose Custom Web Development Over Website Template

High ROI and conversion rates with Custom Web Development

There is no debate that custom built websites yield more ROI as compared to the premade templates. This is because a custom built website is designed and developed keeping the business objectives and target audience in mind. This helps to increase the conversion rates and generate more profit for your business.

Visual Effectiveness and User Experience

Aesthetics play an important role in driving traffic and boosting sales. In custom development, you have more options to make your website visually effective and appealing to users. This results in higher user engagement and ensures efficient communication with visitors.
Moreover, custom built websites are user friendly. The developers anticipate the user expectations and tailor the development process accordingly. For a successful online presence, it is important that you develop the website around your business needs and targets audience. This is why a custom built websites provide a better and enjoyable user experience.
Why You Should Choose Custom Web Development Over Website Template

Personalization and Localization

Nobody likes to interact with robots. Internet users today are far more demanding and want a website to understand their needs and offer them personalized solutions. This makes them feel special, and a personalized experience tends users to stay longer on your website and visit it on a regular basis.
In custom web development you have the advantage to customize the web pages and offer visitors a personalized experience based on his location and demographics. This is why a custom built are more trusted and live longer as compared to premade templates.

SEO and Visibility

One of the most important reasons why digital marketers prefer custom built websites is that they help the website to achieve better search engines rankings. There is an intense competition for visibility, and a fact that is often overlooked is that web development and SEO goes hand in hand. Search engines prefer custom built website because it is personalized and user-friendly. Another important factor for better ranking is mobile friendliness. In custom web development you have more opportunities to make your website mobile optimized and provide a seamless user experience to visitors on the mobile phone.

Why You Should Choose Custom Web Development Over Website Template

Cons of Custom Development

The major back draw of custom web development is that it is an expensive solution and it takes a lot of time in planning and research. In addition to that, you require the services of professional web development experts to meet the specific needs of your business. Moreover, a custom made website must go through several tests to ensure that it’s bug-free and the maintenance can be expensive as well.
The major reason business owners opt for a template is because it’s a cheap solution. Despite of the fact that custom development can be frustrating and tricky; it offers more advantages in the long run.
As, a beginner in the industry, choosing the right approach may appear to be a daunting task. Checkout the infographic below compiled by GO-Gulf Dubai, which highlights the pros and cons of custom web development and the reasons why it is preferred over templates.
Find the complete infographic here:

Why You Should Choose Custom Web Development Over Website Template - Infographic


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