The Rise Of Amazon – From Humble Beginnings To Global Domination

Ecommerce has evolved greatly since the creation of the internet in the 1990s. At the forefront of the ecommerce revolution, several companies have been pioneers of the technology and dominated the industry. One such company is Amazon. Most of you will have heard of the ecommerce giant and its website, while many of you will have even purchased goods through, or maybe even used an Amazon Kindle ebook reader, being the rise of Amazon’s main reason. Regardless of its popularity, we are convinced that there are still many facts you simply don’t know about the history and the...

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Why should e-commerce companies use live chat?

Many companies are not aware of the importance of customer care services in their online businesses. One of the challenges with e-commerce is that your visitors are disconnected from someone who can solve their questions in precision at the time they emerge. Live chat is an essential concept that every e-commerce companies should try. It has so many benefits accrued to it that will make your online business successful. The chat is not just a way of interacting with your customers; it’s a broad concept that involves untapped potential that enables you to create a good rapport with your...

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