Why should e-commerce companies use live chat?

Why should e-commerce companies use live chat

Many companies are not aware of the importance of customer care services in their online businesses. One of the challenges with e-commerce is that your visitors are disconnected from someone who can solve their questions in precision at the time they emerge. Live chat is an essential concept that every e-commerce companies should try. It has so many benefits accrued to it that will make your online business successful.
The chat is not just a way of interacting with your customers; it’s a broad concept that involves untapped potential that enables you to create a good rapport with your customers as well as boosting your conversion rates.
It ensures that your visitors enjoy immediate answers to their problems and ensuring that your customers have confidence in your brand thus enhancing customers satisfaction. In this article, we are going to look at some of the reasons why e-commerce companies should apply live chat in their operations.

Cost-effectiveness and productivity

Websitebuilder points out how live chat is 400% less expensive than the phone support way of customer service. The chat saves the phone expenses for instance records has proved that 43% of businesses have affirmed that live chat decreases the phone call volumes. Also, records show that the average chat agents can do the work of 15 email support employees.
It has cut down expenses by a considerable margin through the above ways. Some of the cost savings that have been noted include live chat that decreases the overall costs of the contact center by lowering the costs of regular interaction. The last cost-saving involves increased efficiency arrived at through enabling employees to handle multiple chats at the same time, and therefore reducing the number of employees in a company.
Why should e-commerce companies use live chat

Increased ROI and AOV

According to Websitebuilder, consumers who prefer chat before making a purchase have a 10% increase in average order value. Also, those consumers who chat before making any purchases brings about 48% increase in revenue per chat hour. The study has proved that customers who are involved in the live chat before purchasing have a 40% higher conversion rates.
ROI from standard live chat software is around 300%. Also, it increases sales which significant effects on ROI. The point is that consumers always need someone who can immediately help them walk through sales. High customers satisfaction increases by double-digit the number of converted customers who in turn increases the ROI of the company. A case study has shown that the overall growth in revenue of Rescue Spa increased by 286% in the first year after using live chat.
Why should e-commerce companies use live chat

Increased conversion rates

For example, the American Marketing Association has claimed that chat for B2B companies increases the conversion rates by 20%. Also, it has been established that those customers involved in chatting convert 3 to 5 times more. To raise conversion rates, there are five steps that you must follow:
i) Implement live chat
ii) Train your employees on how to speak with the customers
iii) Understand the common scenarios for users involved in live chat
iv) Analyze the transcripts in order to optimize live chat
v) Finally optimize the live chat engaged in mobile traffic.
Virgin Airlines has increased conversion rates by 23% and average order value by 15% after deploying its chat. If you happen to be looking for a way to improve the conversion rates for your e-commerce company test, try live chat and you will never regret ever. For example, a case study carried out on live chat showed that Intuit increased conversion rates by 190% by using live chat widget on a lead generation landing page.
Why should e-commerce companies use live chat

Customers love it

Most of the customers shopping online prefer getting assistance from the live person. 44% of online customers prefer live chat as the feature that each e-commerce company must have. A study has established that only 54% of retailers have offered live chat to boost customer satisfaction.
Online chat system enables visitors to access immediate help and as a result, decreasing the wait times much more than the call center. These have allowed helped customers to multitask as they wait. 3% of US adults have stopped to perform online purchase if a quick support is not availed.
It is essential that every e-commerce company should adopt live chat which is the best and most preferred way for most customers to reap maximum benefits. The chat enhances an immediate access to the consumer’s pain point. As customers live chat, they try to ensure that a commodity fulfills the needs as advertised and hence building customer confidence.
Why should e-commerce companies use live chat

Leading contact source for online environment

Every e-commerce should consider adopting live chat since it is the leading contact sources in online business with 42%. Email follows with 23% and social media forums with 16%. This big margin shows that live chat is far much better than other contact sources in online business.
E-commerce companies are changing the way they handle customer service since they don’t want to waste time calling and sending emails. New channels of customer service which are leading such as live chat, which is a way that you can use to help your customers out. It is emerging the best and driving the desired method of contact. The reasons behind it the success is because it has proved quite informative than the other online contact sources.

Why should e-commerce companies use live chat


The chat increases the potential of your business, but this is applicable only when you apply it correctly in your business. Some of the things to consider to make most of the live chat are by training your representatives to be knowledgeable about the importance of live chat as well as website navigation.
Also, it’s advisable to note the shopping hours in your business, not forgetting to boost your social and avoiding being too robotic. Chatting must be done in short sentences and specific to the point. It is essential for you to be very keen on when to offer solutions to your visitors, additional products and lastly when to ask your customers questions. Finally, choose for a trial period for a chat with your e-commerce company and experience the difference.
Find the full infographic with many more facts and numbers on how live chat could benefit your ecommerce here:
Why should e-commerce companies use live chat
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