The Rise Of Amazon – From Humble Beginnings To Global Domination

The Rise Of Amazon From Humble Beginnings To Global Domination min

Ecommerce has evolved greatly since the creation of the internet in the 1990s. At the forefront of the ecommerce revolution, several companies have been pioneers of the technology and dominated the industry. One such company is Amazon. Most of you will have heard of the ecommerce giant and its website, while many of you will have even purchased goods through, or maybe even used an Amazon Kindle ebook reader, being the rise of Amazon’s main reason.
Regardless of its popularity, we are convinced that there are still many facts you simply don’t know about the history and the rise of Amazon. To that end, this article and infographic will wow you as you learn about Amazon’s history, how the business operates, and what makes it so popular!

The History and the rise of Amazon

Amazon was founded in 1994 by Jeff Bezos. Originally, the company started as an online bookstore. During the internet boom, Bezos realised that an online bookstore could sell virtually limitless number of books in its virtual warehouse, as opposed to physical bookstores that were limited by storage and shelves space.
In 1994, sold its first book, and within just the first two months of business, the website had sold to all 50 US states and over 45 countries worldwide, with sales totalling over $20,000 – an impressive feat for a startup company hosted in Bezos’ garage. From 1994 onwards, Amazon continued to grow and although the company did not make its first annual profit until 2001, it enjoyed a huge customer base and an ever increase volume of traffic through
From beginnings as an online bookstore, Amazon now sells practically anything you can think of, and it has become a global marketplace more akin to eBay. You can find electronics, housing accessories, books, furniture, beauty products, sports equipment, and more, often at a very convenient Amazon discount that the company dishes out on a daily basis. Amazon has also branched out and invested in other technologies such as Amazon Echo smart speaker, and Amazon Kindle eBook reader – both of which are hugely popular.

A Day Behind The Scenes : explaining the rise of the empire Amazon

As a company, Amazon has to deal with over 304 million users passing through its websites on a daily basis. This translates to product sales per month of 606 million through, 399 million through, and 390 million through On average, Amazon’s customers add over 1 million new products to the marketplace each day, which translates to shipping costs of over 7 billion USD.
To keep the rise of Amazon and its websites running, the mammoth employs a staggering 540,000 people worldwide. These employees are helped by 54,000 automated robots and machines installed at the various immense Amazon warehouses, some of which process over 1 million items per day during busy national holiday periods such as Christmas and Easter.
So, there are Amazon E-Commerce websites that are largely automated, but still require maintenance, updates, and troubleshooting. There are also Amazon warehouses responsible for the storage and shipping of supplier products. Then, there’s a fleet of drones, trucks, and even cargo planes that form together to create the Amazon delivery network.
As you can see, behind the scenes at Amazon, there is huge amount of work that is undertaken to ensure a smooth and streamlined service is delivered at all times to the customer.

What Makes Amazon So Popular 

To analyse the evolution of Amazon and why it is so popular, we can look at several different key products/services that the company provides – E-Commerce marketplace, Amazon Kindle ebook reader, and Amazon Echo smart speaker device. is where it all started, and it continues to rank as one of the most popular websites in the world with a huge customer base. (and the other domain variants) is popular for many reasons. Firstly, it is intuitive and has a straightforward layout – you can easily search for products using the search function, or through the product category navigation.
Secondly, the product listings are comprehensive and feature customer reviews, star ratings, and suggested products that enhance a customers shopping experience. Finally, the website features a huge range of products – you can find practically anything through, and the prices are usually reasonable too.

Amazon Kindle : expanding Amazon’s empire

The Amazon Kindle is one of the most popular ebook readers and was one of the first of its kind. This fantastic device allows users to download and install digital books and read them from anywhere. It has a large storage capacity, therefore, you can hold hundreds of books simultaneously. Instead of carrying one book in your luggage on holiday, for example, Kindle allows you the freedom to take as many books as you please.
The battery life is superb, and the quality of the display is outstanding too. Amazon continues to work on this product to refine the technology, and it remains one of the most popular ebook readers on the market, showing the incredible popularity of the company and explaining the rise of Amazon.

Amazon Echo : Amazon’s expansion

Finally we have Amazon Echo device. This new type of technology utilizes AI programming in the form of Amazon Alexa. Users can speak to Alexa and use her as a home assistant. Alexa will provide logical answers or search the web to find the info you need, such as current news or today’s weather. This type of device has become hugely popular, and as with Kindle, Amazon Echo is one of the first of its kind and shows that Amazon continues to be at the forefront of technological developments.

Conclusion : do you understand the rise of Amazon ?

The Rise Of Amazon - From Humble Beginnings To Global Domination

We hope you have found this article exciting and interesting, allowing you to understand the rise of Amazon. You should now have a clear understanding of why Amazon is so popular and how it continues to excel as one of the premier ecommerce marketplaces in the world.

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