Advantages Of Using WordPress as a CMS To create Your Website

WordPress is the most successful CMS you can get! Its success is due to a lot of factors, including thanks to its ease of use. Its multiple templates or possibility to create your website from scratch allow you to customize it as you wish. All these reasons justify the content management system’s popularity and the advantages of using WordPress as a CMS. 

Using WordPress for web design is a must

The excellence of WordPress has made this content manager an essential tool for any self-respecting web design company. Its complete interface and efficient applications make it the most powerful design tool on the market. Sometimes, you want to make your website and do not want to contact a design company. It is you should learn to use this content manager although it is always advisable to contact top app development companies.
In WordPress, you will find everything you need to start a professional or personal website, a blog and an online store, where everything can be designed to your tastes and needs. Among other things, WordPress makes available to its users are professional templates. They are free or paid, depending on whether they are simple or advance, where its implementation is as simple as a click. You should contact top app development companies to fully optimize the advantages of WordPress.

The advantages of using WordPress as a CMS to design your website or blog

Using WordPress as a CMS allows you to enjoy its free platform

The first thing is to say that WordPress is a free platform. You can use it as many times as you want all the time you need and your cost will be zero.

It’s your property

Unlike Blogger, WordPress is your property, either in a blog with WordPress domain or with your own domain. They use the ads to make the platform profitable, but you can always buy the premium option and stop seeing those ads.

No need to know to programme

The use of WordPress as a CMS allows you to quickly create online stores, with a professional design and without having experience in web design or programming. Of course, if you want to customize your website or get into issues of databases you should contact expert programmers and top app development companies.

Learning curve and experience

The ease of use of WordPress makes the experience curve provide an average user the advantage of lowering costs, creating a great added value. It is not as easy as using Msword but it is quite similar. This is in the medium term influences a price reduction without sacrificing margins and therefore increases profitability.

Accessible and very intuitive

Unlike the complex online store managers that you can find in the market, WordPress is a free tool. It comes with many functionalities and very intuitive at the time of use.


You can grow your website as much as you need without any hindrance. Websites such as BBC America, Sony Music, MTV News or Beyonce’s personal website are built with WordPress. You can likewise meet with top app development companies to optimize the advantage of WordPress.

Reports and statistics

WordPress allows you to access all kinds of statistics and reports about your online activity, allowing you to make decisions and focus on your strategies to help you get the most out of your business.

Great variety of designs

Using WordPress offers some liberty in your way of designing your website, thanks to their “Templates” or “Themes”. The templates offered by WordPress are known for their great variety. There are thousands of them adapted for each case, managing to save your creative work or think about the distribution of the website among other things. These templates, thanks to their ease of modification, allow users to quickly adapt them in colors, backgrounds, structures, etc. to each without having to know absolutely nothing about programming.

Always Responsive

A feature of the templates in WordPress is that if you do not touch any code (but you will have to re-optimize everything), it will be perfectly adaptable to any device and you can also update your template if new versions are appearing without having to change texts or modify anything.

Plugins for all

The WordPress plugins are most of its advantages. The plugins, for those who still do not know the terms, could be defined as applications or tools that can be added to the software of your web page to improve or provide additional features.

Facilities with SEO

Although it is true that doing SEO is not easy, but with some WordPress SEO plugins, you can advance some work yourself without having to know anything about programming. This is one of the great advantages of this content manager. For example, positioning articles on a blog with the “SEO by Yoast” plugin won’t be difficult for you.

Easy Migration

If you don’t know how to manually migrate, there are many options in the form of a plugin that make migration something anyone can do. This plugin, for example, will help you to duplicate, clone, make backups and move and transfer your entire WordPress from one server to another.

  • Multi-users: The possibility of creating a multitude of users with different levels of access to the web is a great advantage of WordPress. This opens up an infinite number of possibilities for companies that want to establish greater control over the management capacity and information available to employees regarding their website, for example, by establishing the editor’s role for that employee who can only write articles for the blog.
  • Help with click hit: If you need help, you have it at the moment. And is that the WordPress community is very large and, if you have a problem, surely someone has run into it and there are solutions on Google. If you do not find it, you can also ask in specialized forums, where they usually respond immediately.
  • Intensive courses: One of the best advantages of WordPress is a large number of intensive courses for both in person and online that you can find to start making web pages for yourself.

The benefits of using WordPress to create a website If You Also Have A Store Online

Not only will you have the advantages mentioned above but also having an online store in WordPress offers many others. Among the advantages that WordPress has concerning other online store managers are the following:

Ecommerce plugins

The wide variety of plugins, both free and paid, basic or advanced, with graphics, reports, analytics and many other data that greatly facilitate the work not only when creating your online store but at the time of going optimizing it and guiding your online sales and marketing strategy.

Easy management

It allows you to manage your corporate website, online store and professional blog, at the same time and from the same platform, saving you time and facilitating the daily work. Also, WordPress gives a lot of autonomy, since programmers do not need to be continually changing images or adding items to your blog.

Constant updates

Constant updates to improve the platform from time to time.

Multiple payment gateways

Easy integration into WordPress of the main payment gateways such as virtual POS, Paypal, Amazon, PayMill, etc. allowing you to install them yourself without having to resort to a developer to integrate them.
To take complete advantage of WordPress, you should meet with web design experts and top app development companies that will give you the whole list of benefits of using WordPress as a CMS.

Image credit: Nazar Yarema