Author: Kouhei Kurihara

What are the Best Japanese Social Media Practices?

The best Japanese social media practices might not be obvious to the outside seller. Different cultures use social media differently, and the Japanese are no different in this aspect. While there might be some similarities across cultures, it’s important to target your strategy not only to the social networks that your target market is using, but how they use those networks. Normally, in opening apps on your smartphone screen, tapping Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter, you have a natural reaction across all cultures. I have talked with some friends from various countries, and each time, they share these same traits...

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B2B E-Commerce: How to Build Appropriate Japanese Business Relationships

Your e-commerce won’t be able to penetrate foreign markets unless you fully understand the culture of people you will work with. In other words, you need to adjust your sales and marketing strategy to the culture of the country you are targeting in order to work efficiently with natives. It is crucial to put yourself in their shoes and adapt your message to the culture and language. Japanese business relationships are coded & your e-commerce won’t penetrate the market unless you fully understand the culture of the people you work with. Japanese Business Relationships: The Codes to Follow Japanese culture has its own...

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How to Apply the 4P Marketing Model to Cross-Border E-Commerce

Thanks to advanced technologies, buying and selling goods from one country to another has become easy. Amazon, Alibaba and other e-commerce giants purposely target new digital developing regions, overwhelmingly controlling the market. Selling online goods is not just about uploading its image, name and price. You need to follow some marketing fundamentals if you want to make the most out of it. Look at the following 4P marketing model formula which refers to each steps for a good cross-border product launch. What is your Product? At what Price will you sell it? In what Place will you sell your product? What...

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3 Key Steps to Launching a B2C Cross-Border E-Commerce in Japan

When launching into any market there are certain steps to take to make sure  you’ll be successful, especially if launching a cross-border e-commerce in Japan. Since online shopping has been evolving so quickly, even small firms, are able to export their products reasonably in previously untouchable markets in previous decades. First we have to look at the best steps to make, those which elevate the appropriate pipeline to the right customer for your products. In case of difficulty, a previously unexplored market, or unexpected cultural disparities, cooperating with partners local to your target region will become a higher priority...

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4 tips to Increase E-commerce Sales in the Japanese Market

Since the Internet is saturated in each market, cross border delivery must be the upcoming trend; that enables you to deliver your products without geo gaps. Even if it’s technologically feasible, we still have local differences over borders. You need to integrate seamlessly into local infrastructure to properly promote your strategy. Here are 4 tips would fill the fundamental gaps between western style: 1. Advertise to the Japanese Market in local style For western markets, affiliate advertising has been well developed, which means that western companies tend to prefer this option for market research. One notable point that you need...

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