How to Apply the 4P Marketing Model to Cross-Border E-Commerce

Thanks to advanced technologies, buying and selling goods from one country to another has become easy. Amazon, Alibaba and other e-commerce giants purposely target new digital developing regions, overwhelmingly controlling the market. Selling online goods is not just about uploading its image, name and price. You need to follow some marketing fundamentals if you want to make the most out of it. Look at the following 4P marketing model formula which refers to each steps for a good cross-border product launch. What is your Product? At what Price will you sell it? In what Place will you sell your product? What...

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How to Adapt your Holiday Strategy to Japanese E-commerce

Western holidays tend to dominate the world. When it comes to Christmas, or other large e-commerce events, you can feel the effects even in Japan. Even if these holidays are present in some way, each country has its own unique internal perspective. We already know that each country celebrate holidays its own ways, because of cultural differences. This means that cross-border and local e-commerces have to adapt their holiday strategy. Through this article, we’ll explore how Western holidays are perceived in Japan, and how you can use them to market correctly to the Japanese. Here are 3 ways you...

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How to Reach Japanese users on Social Media

Compared to Europeans or North Americans, my foreign friends say, Japanese people are insane. Japan is isolated, surrounded entirely the ocean, which has historically affected our daily lives. However, it brought some independent cultural quirks, manufacturing systems, team associations, and tendencies. By and large, Japan tends to be original sans effort. Adapting to the Internet age is also original in developing our market style. Global giants Facebook, Twitter, and Amazon could succeed in this market, but there is a stark contrast in how they’re used in relation to the English speaking world. There is a gap between the Japanese...

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3 Japanese E-Commerce Trends to Watch

When it comes to searching for a product you want, even during busiest days, online shops will be an ideal option for you. E-Commerce is a rapidly growing channel for brand dealers, and in Japan, this growth can be clearly seen. Japanese consumers are eager to do their shopping through the internet. Before launching in this Eastern isolated world, you should examine how to tap into that. 3 Japanese E-Commerce Trends to Watch 1. Giants Battling for the Title of Platform Leader E-commerce platforms bring fire to the fundamentals of the online shopping culture. Rakuten, B-to-B-to-C model proves the potential in the Japanese e-commerce...

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What are the Best Japanese Social Media Practices?

The best Japanese social media practices might not be obvious to the outside seller. Different cultures use social media differently, and the Japanese are no different in this aspect. While there might be some similarities across cultures, it’s important to target your strategy not only to the social networks that your target market is using, but how they use those networks. Normally, in opening apps on your smartphone screen, tapping Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter, you have a natural reaction across all cultures. I have talked with some friends from various countries, and each time, they share these same traits...

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