6 best examples of Google Ads campaigns for e-commerce

Google Ads campaigns

ASOS, ProFlowers, Apple, Microsoft and other brands with an online presence and stock use Google Ads, and their ads are a paradigm to be followed by other e-commerce stores.
Mountain View’s search engine advertising platform is a great ally of companies. But what happens when the design and content of the ad are not adequate?

Clearly, this will hurt clicks, conversions and overall performance.

In addition to being inspiring, knowing the best examples of Google Ads campaigns will help you design your own ads for e-commerce stores. Are you going to miss them?

What are the best examples of Google Ads campaigns?

Google Ads and the limitation of 90 characters in the description of their ads has not stopped the talent of marketing specialists.

And this extension is more than enough for the best e-commerce stores in the market, as will be demonstrated in the following lines. Want to discover the best examples of campaigns in Google Ads?

ProFlowers: offers matter (and references matter too)

6 best examples of Google Ads campaigns for e-commerce

This California florist from San Diego understands that delivery is one of the key issues in the success of your business. It’s something even your customers take into account, and that’s why your Ads ads mention shipments starting at $19.99.

The word ‘fast’ in shipments is not necessary. It’s obvious that ProFlowers will ship fast, otherwise, their products will lose all their value. But what is most surprising about this ProFlowers ad is the reference to the Wall Street Journal, when paraphrasing one of its quotes: “Best Value”.

Most of their customers may not know for sure what the best online flower shop is, but they do recognize the Wall Street Journal as a reliable medium. That’s the power of this reference!

Apple: When Your Brand Matters Most

6 best examples of Google Ads campaigns for e-commerce

The emblematic Apple brand offers us another of the best examples of Google Ads campaigns.
The title of this ad is representative of Apple’s style, as it does not emphasize any offer, launch, or discount. iPhone 7 Plus – Official Apple Site’ is all you can read.

And for your customers, this seems to be enough information. First, because not all the e-commerce stores where this model is sold are the official Apple store. And therefore, this clarification makes a lot of sense when it comes to fighting imitators.But in addition, Apple understands that its target customers know enough about the model as it seems to avoid mentioning its features.

Instead, Apple prefers to use the description space to answer questions related to product financing and shipping. It’s like telling your customers: we know you want it, but you think their purchase and shipping can be a problem and it’s not.

Book Depository: if you bring added value to your customers, mention it.

6 best examples of Google Ads campaigns for e-commerce

Book Depository does not have the prestige of Barnes & Noble, Amazon and other e-commerce stores that dominate online book sales. But their Ads ads are an example to follow.

In the structure and composition of this ad, no data or element of importance is missing. But the way it emphasizes price is surprising: ‘Free delivery on all orders’, ’20 million books with free shipping’, ‘Low prices every day’, and so on.

For Book Depository consumers, price is important. That’s why the affordability of your books is mentioned repeatedly in this ad. But what was said at the beginning of this point should not mislead us: that Book Depository does not have the reputation of its commercial rivals does not mean that it does not have a portfolio of loyal customers.

That’s why your brand name is mentioned up to twice in the title. In many ways, one of the best examples of Google Ads campaigns.

Modani: discounts that make a difference

6 best examples of Google Ads campaigns for e-commerce

Modani Furniture is an e-commerce of modern style furniture that is not afraid to compete with giants like IKEA, eBay or Amazon.

However, what do you do when most of your main rivals offer quality similar to that of your stock? You compete with better discounts.

Although the price war tends to be detrimental to companies, it is possible that Modani Furniture believes it has better profit margins. In any case, this ad mentions the company’s slogan (The Smart Way to Buy Furniture) and highlights discounts of up to 70%.

Microsoft: when simplicity is a differentiating value

6 best examples of Google Ads campaigns for e-commerce

Another of the best examples of campaigns in Google Ads is found in Microsoft, whose laptops can be purchased online, although it still depends heavily on the POS (points of sale).

The positioning of electronic equipment is full of competitors. Differentiation can be a challenge, and the company founded by Bill Gates knows it. And since sometimes less equals more, this Google Ads PPC ad catches the eye of everyone else. Why? For its simplicity.

In the title we only read the name of the product and the brand… but there is not much more in the description. Only the call to action (Do Great Things) enriches this ad a little. Despite its simplicity, this ad has a great performance, as the company has reduced the text to its minimum expression, to focus all attention on Microsoft and the Surface model.

ASOS: offering what no one else can offer

6 best examples of Google Ads campaigns for e-commerce

Although this headline is a bit pretentious and exaggerated, it does reflect the spirit of this ASOS announcement, where ‘Free Shipping Worldwide’ can be read.

While Zalando and other competitors offer discounts, gifts and other rewards for clicks, ASOS has left nothing to be desired with this red boot ad. In their texts, we recognize the mention of textile manufacturers and the brand, but inevitably the focus is on ‘Order Now. Free Shipping Worldwide’.

In this way, ASOS is telling users: not only do I have the product you are looking for, but I send it to you for free, wherever you are. Who can resist clicking?



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