What are the best-trusted credentials for Shopify?

Credentials for Shopify

Payment badges, money back guarantees, security seals and other credentials are very popular in e-commerce. And they are because they improve online consumer confidence. Shopify sellers should not be deprived of using them.
According to a survey carried out by CIGI (Centre for International Governance Innovation), almost half of the consumers surveyed (49%) say they do not trust online shops.
Computer fraud lost shipments, privacy and lack of security are the main factors causing this situation, which however does not correspond to reality.
Year after year e-commerce increases its international sales, and more and more users are encouraged to make their purchases in digital environments.
With the help of Shopify’s best-trusted credentials, sellers can optimize metrics such as conversion rates, visitor return, or shopping cart abandonment.

What are trusted e-commerce credentials?

Shopify stores have to deal with the same problem as the rest of e-commerce in the market: a lack of trust on the part of consumers.
The certificates, seals, and credentials of confidence, in general, are a symbol that is located on the home page, checkouts and other pages of e-commerce, always in areas visible to users.
Its purpose is to remind users who browse a secure feeling that their connection cannot be breached and that their data is protected.
But trustworthy credentials are much more than just an image. The companies supplying these stamps agree to place them after confirming that, in effect, there is no threat in the online store to the security and privacy of its visitors.
But what are the specific benefits of using credentials and security seals? Let’s see:

  • Improve customer confidence by reminding customers that the e-commerce they are shopping at is 100%.
  • They bring credibility to e-commerce, since an external company, sometimes famous (McAfee, GeoTrust, Google, etc.), guarantees its security. It is similar to word-of-mouth between companies, which consumers value.
  • Helps increase conversion rates. Users feel confident enough not to leave the site (rebound) or leave any shopping cart hanging. For e-commerce stores, this means greater sales opportunities and higher profits.

Having clarified what these credentials are and summarized their advantages in retail environments, are you encouraged to discover some of the best credentials trusted by Shopify?

5 Best Trusted Credentials for Shopify

SSL Certificates (secure payment)

One of the most common stamps on checkout pages are SSL certificates or Secure Sockets Layer.
Basically, this certificate indicates that the transfer of data and the connection between the client’s browser and the e-commerce servers is secure. There is no risk that third parties (e.g. hackers) may violate consumer protection.
Hostwinds, Symantec, DigiCert, Entrust or Comodo are some of the companies that supply SSL certificates. However, the demand for this service has led many hosting providers to offer it for free (Let’s Encrypt, for example).
Thanks to the installation of these certificates, consumers will see a green padlock in their browser. In this way, they will know that they are surfing in a secure environment.

McAfee Secure

What are the best-trusted credentials for Shopify - McAfee
Another of the best-trusted credentials for Shopify is McAfee Secure.
This application, available at Shopify App Store, helps make your store visitors aware that they are shopping safely.
McAfee Secure displays the security seal of this well-known company in more than 20 languages. In addition, the application is responsible for analyzing the website for malware and other threats.
For users, it’s McAfee (and not another unknown company) that guarantees the security of an online store. This helps them become more confident in the products they’re buying.

GeoTrust Secured Seal

What are the best-trusted credentials for Shopify - GeoTrust Secured Seal
With GeoTrust, Shopify e-commerce has another important security credential: GeoTrust Secured Seal, available with all GeoTrust SSL Certificates.
This seal, which tells visitors and buyers that their information is protected, can be placed on various pages of the site: home, checkout page or login, among others.
Just as important as an ecommerce is really secure is that your buyers feel secure. GeoTrust’s secure seal is perfect for conveying this feeling, thanks to the recognition of this digital certificate provider.

Trust Badges by FoxDrive Trust

What are the best-trusted credentials for Shopify - Trust Badges by FoxDrive Trust
Another interesting application you can buy at Shopify App Store is Trust Badges, developed by FoxDrive Trust.
Its developers claim that it allows to increase conversion rates and improve the confidence of potential customers by displaying several secure payment options.
This application, totally free, is updated automatically, so it does not require any maintenance by the stores. Without a doubt, one of the best-trusted credentials for Shopify and other e-commerce platforms.

Google Trusted Store

What are the best-trusted credentials for Shopify - Google Trusted Store
Could this important credence be missing? The Internet search giant has also become a reference for users and online shoppers.
That’s where the power of Google Trusted Store lies!
Although to get this seal is necessary to follow a verification process by Google, it is worth it, because it is an excellent way to show that your business is reliable.
In addition, Google (whose market share exceeds 95%, no less) should prioritize certified stores over those that do not have this badge, right?
There are many trusted credentials for Shopify that will help you improve your conversion rates and reduce your bounces and abandoned carts.
What are you waiting for to add value to your e-commerce!

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