BigBuy Review: A Trustable Dropshipping Provider


BigBuy is a prominent dropshipping provider in Europe, offering a range of services to businesses involved in online retail and reselling. Founded in 2012, the company has established itself as a leading B2B e-commerce organization, headquartered in Spain. With a strong foothold in the industry, BigBuy has expanded its operations and now serves as a comprehensive solution for businesses looking to streamline their dropshipping processes and enhance their online sales channels.

With over 200 dedicated employees, BigBuy has developed a reputation for its commitment to customer satisfaction and continuous innovation. The company has achieved remarkable success, boasting an impressive annual turnover of over 100 million, a testament to its position as a trusted and reliable partner for businesses in the e-commerce landscape.

In this article, we will provide a detailed analysis of BigBuy, evaluating its primary services, such as dropshipping, the 360° Dropshipping Shop, and the Multi-channel Integration Platform. By examining the advantages and disadvantages of each service, we aim to provide you with an informed opinion of this company.

What is BigBuy?

BigBuy is a prominent dropshipping provider that has been offering its services for several years. With a vast product catalog and efficient logistics, BigBuy simplifies the dropshipping process for businesses.

Additionally, BigBuy provides its customers with the 360° Dropshipping Shop, a solution that eliminates the technical aspects of creating an e-commerce store. Moreover, the Multi-channel Integration Platform allows businesses to synchronize their sales channels seamlessly.

The main targets of BigBuy are businesses of all kinds that engage in online retail and reselling. BigBuy caters to B2B customers who are involved in drop shipping and reselling products online.

This includes individuals or companies looking to start their own e-commerce stores or expand their existing online sales channels. 

BigBuy’s services, such as dropshipping, the 360° Dropshipping Shop, and the Multi-channel Integration Platform, are designed to assist these businesses in simplifying their operations, expanding their product offerings, and synchronizing their sales channels effectively.

The registration process is very clear and simple:

1- Click on the “register now” button.

2- Choose your email and password

3- Verify your email address

4- Fill in the information about your business or yourself as an individual

5-  and Buy your desired package


The Features of BigBuy

BigBuy offers a range of powerful features designed to empower businesses in the world of e-commerce. From an extensive product catalog to seamless logistics and advanced synchronization options, BigBuy equips entrepreneurs with the tools they need to thrive in the competitive online marketplace. 

In this section, we will explore the key features that make BigBuy a preferred choice for businesses seeking growth, efficiency, and profitability. Discover how these features can revolutionize your dropshipping experience and elevate your online business to new heights.

BigBuy provides services for two major groups and we will mention just some of the services and features.

  • For dropshipping and wholesale purchasing
  • For brands and suppliers with stock

DropShipping and Wholesale purchasing


BigBuy works with drop shippers, providing them with a leading supplier that simplifies and accelerates their multi-channel and cross-border sales. With an extensive catalog and advanced technology, BigBuy assists drop shippers in streamlining their operations. They offer thousands of products, including top brands, with daily additions of new items and winning products. Real-time integration solutions ensure seamless synchronization of catalogs, stock, orders, and tracking, while their support for 24 European languages, including native translations, facilitates global reach. Furthermore, BigBuy enables anonymized dropshipping, allowing drop shippers to use their business name and logo.

Marketplace Sellers

BigBuy collaborates with online businesses that sell on marketplaces, providing integration with over 200 marketplaces and solutions to maximize their sales potential. They offer seamless integration for catalogs, stock, orders, and tracking, eliminating the need for shipping fee templates. By listing the exact shipping cost, marketplace sellers can streamline their operations and focus on driving sales.


BigBuy assists marketplaces in multiplying their sales by leveraging their extensive client network and direct partnerships with selective brands. They establish formal partnerships with European marketplaces, developing joint success strategies. BigBuy’s Full-service Marketplaces Operations manages brands on marketplaces, and they develop API integration connectors to ensure real-time synchronization of catalogs, news, stock, orders, tracking, and invoices.


For ecommerce businesses, BigBuy offers thousands of products across diverse categories, along with integration solutions for seamless stock and catalog management. Their product range expands catalogs and increases conversion rates through cross-selling and up-selling. They provide high-margin products suitable for investment in pay-per-click campaigns, and their real-time integration solutions ensure efficient management of catalogs, stock, orders, and tracking.

Social Sellers

BigBuy caters to online sellers who rely on social networks as their primary sales channel. They offer winning, innovative, and trending products with high margins and stock availability in Europe for immediate delivery. Social sellers can leverage downloadable images and videos of products and even create their own brand using BigBuy’s white-label products. Additionally, BigBuy offers the option to reserve stock at no additional cost.

Private – Flash sales

BigBuy collaborates with websites to launch private or flash sales campaigns and manages the entire operation, including limited-time product offers. They are partners with major sites such as Veepee, Showroomprivee, and Westwing, and assist in optimizing campaigns and operations. With Fulfillment by BigBuy, they ensure 24-hour shipping, and opening a marketplace grants access to over 200,000 items and 5,000 brands. Deep stock availability allows businesses to maximize the success of their campaigns.

Rewarding & Loyalty

BigBuy facilitates the exchange of gifts through points on rewarding and loyalty platforms. They partner with suppliers offering products for reward and loyalty programs, enhancing customer engagement and satisfaction.

Traditional stores

BigBuy provides solutions for traditional sales channels such as physical stores, promotions, direct selling, and catalog-based businesses. They cater to the needs of wholesalers without imposing a minimum order requirement. With the option of finance and deferred payment, traditional stores can access wholesale prices for single units, along with discounts based on volume. BigBuy offers thousands of products, including top brands, with daily additions of new and winning products.

Wholesale purchasing

BigBuy offers thousands of wholesale products to online businesses that purchase and store them for subsequent resale. They provide flexible payment options, including finance and deferred payment. Wholesale prices are available for single units without a minimum order requirement, and businesses can benefit from volume-based discounts. BigBuy ensures that the products are prepared for any fulfillment method, such as FBA (Fulfillment by Amazon) and Cdiscount.

Brands and suppliers with stock

Wholesalers and Purchasing Groups

BigBuy assists suppliers with stock, distributors, wholesalers, importers, and purchasing groups in expanding their online sales. They offer solutions that connect stock with BigBuy, enabling businesses to multiply their sales. Additionally, BigBuy helps control pricing by channel and market, while respecting the current distribution channels.

Retailers & Etailers

BigBuy collaborates with traditional retailers and etailers, empowering them to leverage their existing stock and sell on multiple channels. They provide stock integration solutions that allow businesses to expand their sales. With the ability to control pricing by channel and market, BigBuy ensures retailers and etailers can maximize their profitability while respecting their current distribution networks. They also offer direct-to-consumer (DTC) and business-to-consumer (B2C) solutions for selling directly to customers.

Traditional Brands

BigBuy offers solutions tailored to manufacturers and traditional brands seeking to grow their online presence while maintaining their established sales channels. They provide brand protection and visibility on an international scale, helping businesses create their own brand for their digital channels. BigBuy facilitates additional sales in new European marketplaces and ensures control over pricing by channel and market while respecting existing distribution networks.

Digital Native Brands

BigBuy assists digital native brands in reducing their dependency on a single sales channel and diversifying their sales across European marketplaces. They provide strategies to reduce reliance on platforms like Amazon or individual e-commerce websites. By expanding to new European marketplaces, businesses can increase sales and discover new market opportunities. BigBuy helps digital native brands gain visibility on various online channels.

Amazon Aggregators

BigBuy offers solutions to Amazon Native Brand (ANB) aggregators who consolidate resources to optimize profits. They assist ANB aggregators in diversifying their presence across multiple European marketplaces, reducing dependency on Amazon. By outsourcing operations and dedicating resources to brands, businesses can streamline their operations and become more competitive in the market.

Marketplace Agencies

BigBuy collaborates with agencies specializing in managing brands on marketplaces, enabling them to expand their reach across multiple European marketplaces. They provide white-label solutions tailored to the needs of agencies. By outsourcing operations and dedicating resources to brands, agencies can reduce costs and enhance competitiveness in the marketplace. BigBuy supports Amazon and digital commerce agencies in achieving their goals.

The Prices of BigBuy

As you can see in the picture below, the price depends on whether you want to use the Marketplace features or whether you have a proper Ecommerce website. For using the Marketplace you need to pay 74.25 € and if you have your Ecommerce you need to pay 51.75Xplq1OLusG5MkTeOCIw5n6HnOzfgfrA1mCLCPlio oghu0p2ct1UXXd TA1wNXdjtjo5 jUT86JunRiVcpH0Nm aj6kDp8Ci

Support from BigBuy

Online Chat

BigBuy offers an online chat feature where clients can connect directly with their support team in real-time. This instant messaging platform allows clients to ask questions, seek guidance, and receive prompt assistance from BigBuy’s knowledgeable staff.

Help Center with Frequently Asked Questions

BigBuy maintains a Help Center that serves as a valuable resource for clients. It contains a collection of frequently asked questions (FAQs) and detailed answers to address common queries and concerns. Clients can browse through the Help Center to find answers to their questions quickly and efficiently.


BigBuy utilizes a ticketing system to ensure efficient management and resolution of client inquiries and issues. Clients can submit support tickets detailing their concerns or requests, which are then assigned to the appropriate team for assistance. The ticketing system allows for organized tracking of client interactions and ensures timely responses to each query.

Academy for Technical Support and Documentation

BigBuy provides an Academy that offers technical support and documentation to assist clients in utilizing their services effectively. The Academy serves as a knowledge hub, providing tutorials, guides, and resources to help clients navigate various aspects of their operations. It offers valuable insights and best practices to optimize the use of BigBuy’s services.


BigBuy maintains a blog where clients can find informative articles, updates, and industry insights. The blog covers a wide range of topics relevant to e-commerce, dropshipping, marketplaces, and more. Clients can stay informed about the latest trends, strategies, and news through the blog, enhancing their understanding and decision-making.


BigBuy, a leading dropshipping provider in Europe, offers an array of services to facilitate online businesses. With an extensive product catalog, efficient logistics, and synchronization options, BigBuy simplifies the dropshipping process. The 360° Dropshipping Shop eliminates technical complexities, allowing businesses to focus on sales. The Multi-channel Integration Platform automates synchronization across various sales channels. Despite some challenges, such as competition and limitations for larger projects, BigBuy provides valuable solutions for businesses seeking to thrive in the e-commerce landscape.

We encourage you to explore BigBuy further, considering the unique needs and goals of your business. Make an informed decision and leverage the advantages offered by this prominent dropshipping provider.