How to boost sales through social networks

Virtually all companies that use social media to increase sales: McDonald’s, Nike, L’Oréal, Dunkin’ Donuts, Spotify, Lego and a long list of other brands. But turning Facebook, Twitter or Instagram into a powerful sales funnel is no easy task.
Did you know that 50% of revenue in sectors such as advertising, comprehensive healthcare or the software industry comes from social selling, according to an interesting study by LinkedIn? It is not surprising, then, that a part of the budget of the most prestigious brands is allocated to social platforms.
If you want to know how to drive sales through social networks, in the following lines you will find all the keys to achieve it. Are you going to lose them?

Take advantage of flash sales

AliExpress, Amazon and other well-known ecommerces actively use time-limited offers to encourage impulse selling. Twitter, Facebook and other social networks are perfect channels to promote flash sales. It may even be advisable to announce them a few weeks before launch, but without specifying launch dates, in order to generate more expectation.

Solve after-sales problems and increase sales

Did you know that 3 out of 10 users (33%) prefer to contact brands through social networks rather than using a mobile phone, according to a study by Bambu? Another key to increasing sales using Facebook, Twitter and other platforms is offering excellent after-sales service through these channels.
Consumers trust brands that provide excellent customer service. That’s why Facebook users value companies more with a rapid response rate to inquiries. Putting us in the shoes of future buyers of a brand, would you prefer to buy the products of a company that ignores its users in social networks or the one that shows a high commitment to their queries and problems?

Create raffles and contests on social networks

Another key to know how to drive sales through social media is offering a powerful claim: for Goodyear customers can be the latest model of Ford, for Disney viewers a trip to the Magic Kingdom Theme Park in Florida, and so on. Through sweepstakes and contests, brands can stimulate sales by offering a reward to participants.
Of course, the key to success lies in designing a strategy that increases sales by participating. For example, Pringles, Lay’s and other consumer companies require a large number of packages to participate in their contests. In this way, brands obtain a high ROI that justifies the cost of the gift drawn.
Other companies may benefit indirectly. For example, by filling in a web form that allows users to register for the draw. Thus, the brand in question can get a valuable lead for future marketing campaigns.
Uses a lot of audiovisual content
Believe it or not, video content will be responsible for 80% of online traffic, according to Cisco’s Visual Networking Index. In social networks, numerous statistics show that videos and images receive a higher number of clicks, and consequently if brands want to improve their performance in social networks, they must bet on audiovisual content.

Drive traffic to your landing pages

When carrying out advertising campaigns on Facebook Ads, Twitter Ads or Instagram Ads, one of the most widespread errors is to redirect users to tabs or sections of products preset with ordinary URLs. It is best to create landing pages, with specific URLs that allow more accurate tracking of clicks, conversions and other metrics of interest.

Help yourself with direct selling features

And if you are still wondering how to drive sales through social media, you should know that there is Instagram Shopping, Facebook Shop, Shop the Look in Pinterest and other features that allow you to sell directly on the platform, without the need to redirect users to an external page. Hawkers became in 2017 the first Spanish company to sell through Twitter, follow their example and don’t be left behind!
In view of the above, it is clear that increasing sales on social networks is far from a challenge. With the help of these good practices, a profile on Facebook, Instagram or Pinterest has the potential to become a source of sales.
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