Why You Should Be Buying During Black Friday

Why You Should Be Buying During Black Friday

The Black Friday Sales; the day to kick off the holiday shopping season! Quickly followed by Cyber Monday and the Christmas sales, it is an intense time, filled with opportunities to boost sales and increase revenue. Better known as one of the most interesting days for e-commerce in terms of boosting sales and reaching an amazing turnover right before the end of the year.
But what many businesses forget, is that Black Friday is not only great for selling your products. It is also a great opportunity to buy wholesale products with great discounts to stock up for the rest of the holiday season. DHgate is a B2B platform that offers great deals for you to stock up on products that will be in high demand during Christmas sales.

Make the most of the Black Friday discount deals

Why You Should Be Buying During Black Friday

You get the chance to purchase your stock with up to 60% discount that you can resell within weeks after investing. The amount you will be investing will be nothing compared to the turnover you can expect. Pay special attention to the different discount offers that can save you up to thousands of dollars on top of the discounts. Not only can you find these deals on Black Friday but they will last for several days, sometimes even up to a complete week.
Play it smart and make sure that you are aware what the platforms can offer you in terms of discounts and when they start special flash sales or countdown sales. Being well prepared will save you a whole lot of time and money during the sales. Which you can invest in your own Holiday Sales communication and marketing.
Are you new to buying wholesale products or just looking for extra tips on saving money? There are guides out there that explain you exactly what to do and how you can profit from combined discounts. It will also show you how you can calculate the amount you will save.

Think out of the box B2B strategies

B2B companies have started to think outside the box in terms of their marketing strategies. More originality in their communication will make them stand out leading to more success on the long term. An example of these ‘out of the box strategies’ are the strategies that are applied by DHgate during the Black Friday sales.
In both B2B and B2C, we are all acquainted with the regular 50% off, the 3 for 2 sales and countdown sales. And while these are effective strategies, they could use some more imagination and innovation. For example, offering mystery scratch coupons does not only attract customers because of the discount but puts an emphasis on the win/entertainment factor. Because who doesn’t like to win a thousand dollar extra discount on top of a 50% off?
Offering different types of discounts and applying different strategies will set you apart from your competitors. Not only will you be able to communicate on different discounts that you are offering but the sense of entertainment will also attract your customers to your website.

Applying B2B strategies to your B2C strategies

The strategies that are used B2B can be applied in B2C and are often more innovative and attractive than the standard strategies that are used in B2C. Don’t stick with the regular marketing and offer original discounts in original ways. The strategies described above are almost directly applicable for your B2C strategy.
Offering your customers extra discounts through a referral program for example will increase the chance of a larger audience seeing your offers. The strategy is easy to apply and barely costs you any effort. Asking your customer to refer to friends of family by the use of an email address allows you to track the sharing. Make sure that the extra discounts you offer fit in your budget.
Moreover, just as in B2B, you can also offer your customer mystery scratch coupons. This does not mean that you will have to give them a discount of 500 dollars, but you can, for example, offer an additional discount if the customer chooses to buy 2 more products. You can also make the scratched offer temporary to give your customer the sense of urgency to use it.

Other strategies you shouldn’t miss out on

Count down sales & flash sales

The countdown sales and flash sales are a technique used in both B2B and B2C and are typical for days as Black Friday. The timer gives the customer a sense of urgency and will convert more rapidly under the time pressure. It is recommended to use different countdown timers for different products. Make it clear on your web page which timer belongs with which product in order to avoid confusing your customer.
Many companies reveal the schedule of their countdown and flash sales beforehand by use of an email blast. This way the customer knows exactly when the sales start and when they should be ready to shop with you.

Email Marketing Campaigns

Email is a great tool to use to attract the attention of your customers. Your regular customers will be on the watch out for your Black Friday sales offers, make sure you inform them on what they can expect. Sending out email marketing campaigns will remind them to have a look at your offers and the discount will increase your chance of conversion.
Keep in mind that your customers will receive a lot of emails during this period. Make your email stand out with a great and catchy subject line and plan your email blasts at peak times based on time zones and customers segments. Your email is a way of standing out, make it original and attractive to not blend in with your competitors.
You can also give your customers the heads up about the countdown and flash sales you are planning. This will give them the chance to prepare themselves beforehand to be on your website at the right time. And in case they have forgotten – send them a reminder email or notification at the start of the countdown or flash sale!
Offering your loyal or long term customers a special discount is also a great way to boost your sales. You know they are already a fan of your products, offering them more discount will definitely get them scrolling your offers!
What strategies will you be using during the Holiday Season? Share it with us below or Tweet us!


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