Carl Churchill (Technologi): “In 2025 there’s going to be very little friction from a merchant on-boarding experience”

carl churchill interview

Introducing Carl Churchill, Managing Director at Technologi. In this video, Carl gives us an insight in to what they have to offer and the future of payments by 2025.
Alfredo: Welcome everyone we’re here at MPE2019. Today we´ve got our Carl Churchill from Technologi worldwide. Carl is the Managing director. Welcome Carl, and today he’s going to do a quick intro on the company services they offer and get to know him a bit better. So it’s all in your hands Carl.
Carl: Thanks so much. Friday so. So yeah hi Carl Churchill the managing director of technology worldwide. Part of a business called The Net Pay Solutions Group. We work with different participants within the payments industry and we help them automate customer experience really so everything from boarding risk assessment and analysis ongoing monitoring and maintenance money distribution and settlement effectively we provide the whole ecosystem allows the payment business to be able to operate so they can focus on building that kind of innovation the product innovation. We focus on all the kind of nuts and bolts and all the things in the engine room effectively.
Alfredo: Okay. Where do you see the payment ecosystem by 2025? Because we’re seeing a big evolution. Day after day. You’re pretty much in the day to day of it.
Carl:  I think you know from our perspective, the method of people paying is obviously changing what we see from our side around the customer onboarding is that focus from payments vendors removing friction. So I think there is a changing kind of consumer habits and changing business habits really. Businesses want access to be able to accept multiple payment methods all over the world. And then one is we want contracts one relationship one platform you know one system everything encompassing everything that they need our experience now what we see from customers in the payments industry customers are the actual payments providers themselves. Because they’re desperately trying to remove the friction from the merchant boarding experience. They want to be able to give merchants the opportunity to go on websites so provision services so that all of the kind of payment methods alternative payment methods aggregated within one user journey. So in 2025 I think there’s going to be very very little friction from a merchant onboarding experience. It’s going to be a really comprehensive payments ecosystem by literally almost one touch provisioning really really simple
Alfredo: It is true that they do say that when someone gets to an online to check out usually it’s the payment. What makes people abandon their cart and things like that. And I think like as you´re mentioning it is changing and is going to be being able to offer multiple payment solutions with different kinds… So at the end of the day each country you talk it’s totally different. So in this way how do how do you guys do it. Because if you work out worldwide is your solution open to.
Carl:  So what we do is we work with lots of different payment service providers all over the world. Our job effectively is to make their customers life easier. So it’s when the merchants himself are signing up for the service that’s when we get involved. And what we do is work with those payments providers also to make sure that we’re finding their services to make them as broad as they possibly can to be able to see different customer’s requirements. We spent a lot of time globalizing our platform. So when our customers come to us and they say we want to develop that opportunity in Germany for example we’re giving we’re here in Berlin at the moment you know you have to factor in local requirements in Germany the use of gyro but this card for example card acceptance is actually quite small in Germany in Germany you know versus so they say you know what we try and do through our platform is be able to make a seamless as possible for them to board new business customers business customers they’re going to accept lower payments to try and reduce the friction associated with porting to those customers and give them access to services that mean they can accept multiple acceptance methods to a single platform.
Alfredo: So is it your first time here at merchant payments system.
Carl: We came together we came as visitors previously as our first time to actually come as exhibitors. It’s been a great show so far it’s only the first day. Lots of great opportunities and great customer conversations that we’ve had and really excited for the next couple of days. Great.
Alfredo: So Carl thank you very much for your time. It’s really a pleasure having you. Let’s keep in touch. So if anyone else has any kind of questions feel free to call direct them to Carl, and he´ll be happy to get back to you. Thank you.