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Digital 1to1 is an interactive service that culminates in an event where the participants themselves create the contents. The same attending companies will present the different success cases, so the final program will be available after the closing of the registration, at which time it will be sent to all the attending managers via email.

What should you expect from Digital 1to1?

The Success Cases

The Success Cases are 30-minute sessions that are divided into two parts, the first explaining the detail of one or more companies that have improved their activity / digital presence thanks to the use / integration of certain services / solutions, and the second where attendees can share their doubts and experiences related to the petit committee of participating companies and experts. Look at the Forum to which each of the Success Stories belong to to help you choose. Remember that there are always several sessions at the same time!

Group Dynamics

Group Dynamics are 30-minute sessions where a moderator will lead the discussion among attendees on the proposed topic. This format is 100% participative so the content and conclusions remain in the hands of the attending directors.
Digital 1to1 Spain

Solution providers

Participation and attendance at the event includes 2 days in a 5-star hotel with all expenses included and with exclusive occupancy only for Ecommerce professionals attending the event who meet the requirements.

What influences?

Meetings with decision makers

Digital 1 to 1 selects the general managers of the main online stores / retailers selling in Spain, and personally invites them to attend the event.

Personalized agenda of appointments “1to1”

Participate in “one to one meetings” with the webshops that interest you the most. Solutions and webshops previously make their selection of appointments through the forms and private space of the event’s website, to obtain their respective personalized agendas.

Stay ahead of your competition

Gain greater visibility and access to the decision makers of the most important online stores / retailers in the ecommerce market in Spain.

Infinite networking possibilities

Access formal and informal meetings during your stay at the event. Take advantage of the “1to1” dates, but don’t miss the breakfasts, lunches, afterwork and of course the fun of the dinner on Thursday 16 March.


Digital 1to1 2018
2018 edition attracted a lot of companies

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