Digital 1to1: Virtual 1to1 is the very first 100% Online European Ecommerce meeting

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Digital 1to1 with its powerful innovative soul launches the first 100% online meeting for the European Digital industry this spring. The 16 and 17th of June you have a date with the e-commerce industry. This idea is born from the need to help companies who are facing new challenges due to the current situation.

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The outdoors life took a temporary break but this doesn’t mean that there is no activity going on indoors. There are industries who are finding new opportunities, companies who are doing inner work to be ready as soon as this situation is over and a third group who need to study how to reinvent themselves.
Virtual 1to1 an online space where more than 150 European selected Ecommerce Experts will meet to keep working on the Retail Digital Transformation.
All the attendees will have a personalized and prearranged agenda of 1to1 online meetings created with a professional matchmaking tool to define quality meetings between brands, e-commerce and retailers with digital needs and the digital solutions who can solve actually them.
Two virtual platforms will be combined to offer a great experience to all the attendees.
An exclusive platform for the 1to1 meetings, and another one where you will be able to do some quality networking meeting new contacts in a “virtual coffee”, finding new synergies and business opportunities, participate in conferences and group sessions where to discuss and share with other colleagues experiences and strategies to face together this new situation we are living today.

The details:

  • +150 selected European profiles
  • +1000 1to1 pre-arranged meeting
  • 60% e-commerce, brands and retailers
  • 40% digital solutions
  • Spaces for virtual networking
  • Official language: English
  • 16 and 17 of June 2020

With the same innovative spirit and the aim for digital transformation that led the evolution of the brand Digital 1to1 these last 10 years, Virtual 1to1 is born as a tool to bring back to life quality networking and to reactivate business in a safe and online environment.
Digital 1to1 and Virtual 1to1 are part of the campaign #helpmehelpyou offering, not only free participation for brands, e-commerce and retailers looking for digital solutions, but also with really flexible payment methods for digital suppliers who are in a delicate situation to help them find new business opportunities offering them to pay most of the sponsorship once they are in a better situation.
We will get ahead this situation working together and we will end up stronger and ready to face any new challenge might come in the future.
If you are a digital solution who can offer special conditions to the customers in need join the campaign #helpmehelpyou and from the Digital 1to1, the biggest e-commerce and digital community in Spain, you will be offered free visibility.


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