[#EBOOK] How to give your E-Commerce Sales a Kick with Influencer Marketing

Reech influencer marketing

With the rise of in-browser ad blocking and new services that allow you to skip all publicity, it’s clear that consumers have had enough of the pop-ups, commercial breaks, and traditional advertising. Even if you are a seasoned marketer, this trend is hurting these previously your tried and true channels. If you are an online retailer, you might be wondering what to do next to best market your e-commerce store.
Where one door closes, another opens. Enter the hottest way to reach a large targeted audience in very little time: influencer marketing. Influencers are typical users that have a large following and produce content on a regular basis. Their audiences follow these influencers for their content, and are much more receptive to their suggestions and reviews. By targeting these influencers and working with them, you can create a campaign that will be seen and shared by the right targets for your business.
But who are influencers? How do you contact and work for them? What are the best practices for implementing an influencer marketing campaign? How do you determine if an influencer reflects the values of your brand?
We’ve got the answers to these questions and more. With the help of Reech, a solution dedicated to matching brands with the perfect influencer and guiding your influencer marketing campaigns, we’ve written an e-book with the latest statistics and expert tips on how to create an effective influencer marketing campaign: How to Give your Sales a Kick with Influencer Marketing.
What you’ll learn in this 28-page e-book:

  • How the ROI of Influencer Marketing measures up against other digital marketing channels
  • How to choose the best influencer for your campaign
  • How to plan a proper influencer marketing campaign
  • How to collaborate effectively with your influencers

And much more!
We also want to know more about your influencer marketing campaigns! Download all this awesome influencer advice for yourself!