Why is Google Shopping an ally for digital business?

Google shopping digital business

Although Google Shopping has a long way to go and is nothing new to e-commerce stores, some of them still do not know the power of this platform.
Originally launched as Froogle (debatable word game with ‘frugal’), this platform changed its name to Google Product Search in 2007 and then to Google Shopping when it was integrated into Google Merchant Center.
But why should Google Shopping be part of the digital strategy of e-commerce? There are many benefits associated with this platform: it increases the visibility of the brand and the reach of its products, get more sales opportunities or improve ROI, among others.
But before going deeper into these and other benefits of Google Shopping, we will go deeper into a basic definition of this platform, perfect for laypersons. Will you join us?

What is Google Shopping and why should your e-commerce have a presence in this ‘showcase’?

Google Shopping is a platform designed by Craig Nevill-Manning. It helps users to search, find and compare online products from any sector or market niche.
This platform, present in Germany, Spain, the United States, France, and other markets, is owned by Google, Alphabet’s famous search engine. This search engine has a 95% market share, according to some studies.
Why is Google Shopping an ally for digital business
Why is this important? Because companies with a presence in Google Shopping will benefit from organic traffic from the millions of queries received by this search engine.
Unlike what happens with Amazon sellers, there is no possibility of suffering unfair competition. It is evident that Amazon Basics products will be better positioned than the rest of the vendors.
With Google Shopping, this is not possible, since this platform does not directly sell any product, but redirects users to the marketplaces of the sellers.

Why Google Shopping? 5 benefits of this platform for e-commerce stores

Increase qualified and valuable traffic

This is one of the compelling reasons why Google Shopping should be part of the ‘arsenal’ of the best e-commerce stores.
As we have been warning, Google Shopping is similar to a shop window, but it does not sell its own products, but those of third parties. Google Shopping is not a shop, but a great exhibitor for interested consumers.
What makes Google Shopping powerful is the qualified traffic it provides. These are not customers vaguely interested in a particular product, but are at the end of its sales cycle: most compare prices and brands before clicking ‘buy’.
Consequently, the traffic obtained from Google Shopping is of great value to any e-commerce.

Get more sales opportunities

Segmentation and qualified traffic play an important role in the success of Google Shopping among e-commerce stores.
This system is much more effective than the classic supermarket display, for which some companies invest fortunes! The main advantage of the segmentation offered by Google Shopping is to get more clicks and visits from potential customers.
In other words, more sales opportunities.

Achieve greater visibility for the brand

Another great benefit of Google Shopping is the visibility it provides. And not only to the products of a brand but to the brand itself.
In e-commerce and other sectors, companies invest real fortunes in improving their brand awareness. Even if your consumers don’t buy your products thanks to Google Shopping, this platform gives you priceless exposure.
There is no need to remember that brand recall positively influences customer confidence and purchasing decisions. This is not an advantage to despise.

Increase product reach

The conclusions of the previous benefit are obvious: the greater the visibility of the brand, the greater the visibility of the products, right?
The level of exposure Google Shopping gives to the products of e-commerce stores is incredible. It’s true that you compete with Amazon, Zalando, and other giants. But at least, it is a rivalry in equal conditions (in theory).
In addition, thanks to Google Shopping ads, your stock will reach a greater number of potential consumers, helping you to exploit audience segments with great potential, which went unnoticed.

Achieve higher ROI

Last but not least, the use of Google Shopping has proven to have a positive impact on the return on investment of e-commerce (ROI).
Using the advertisements of this platform allows improving the CTR, reducing the CPC.
And it goes without saying that higher ROI is the secret of the consistent success of leading e-commerce companies.
So is Google Shopping worth it? Of course, it is!
This platform should be a must in the marketing strategy of any e-commerce, due to its many benefits.
Also, what will happen if your commercial rivals have a presence in Google Shopping? They will enjoy a powerful competitive advantage. Don’t let them!


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