How Influencer Marketing can Boost your Sales

How Influencer Marketing can Boost your Sales 2

Influencer marketing is growing rapidly and is more widely used than ever. It has become a new manner of communication and marketing. Whether you are selling food, sports clothes or holidays to exotic destinations. There is a person out there with a great community that can communicate for your brand and is willing to do so.
This manner of marketing is softer and is not as recognizable as the general advertisement you will find as banners on websites. These types of communications is what brands are looking for these days as it reaches their audience with the right message on the right channels.


The growth in the market and the spread-out use of this type of marketing shows the interest and demand for such communication. In order to discover a little more on this intriguing topic Ecommerce Nation has performed research in corporation with a leading influencer marketing agency Reech.
Research showed that many companies are already using influencer marketing or are planning to use it in the future. Meaning that this is a great time for investing in this industry and to discover how this communication can be used to boost your sales and enlarge your audience. Moreover, the costs for this type of marketing can be kept fairly low for the impact it can have.
How Influencer Marketing can Boost your Sales

Choosing the right influencer for influencer marketing

Choosing the right influencer is essential, that person will automatically be an ambassador of your brand and thus has to represent the same morals and standards your brand maintains. The individual should have a healthy and engaging relation with their audience in order for them to become a person of inspiration. We follow people that inspire us in one way or another after all.

What can you expect from influencer marketing?

Brands are using influencer marketing in order to get a greater visibility in the chosen market. A photo or video of your product can receive millions of impressions on various channels and can trigger the audience to purchase your product. The main focus for brands is, of course, to obtain new customers and to increase the chance of conversion.
The research also showed that brands are looking for influencers that are authentic and produce quality content. Once again, choosing the right influencer for your brand and product is essential in order to have great return on investment. Logically, this objective is followed by the demand for the influencers to have a high engagement rate with their audience and an audience of reasonable size.
How Influencer Marketing can Boost your Sales

Influencer platforms

But how can you find the right influencer for your brand and your products? Companies indicated that they mostly reach out to influencers by themselves. Which might be cheaper than going through a dedicated platform but which will also bring along risks. If you are not an expert in analyzing the influencer, their audience, engagement rate and authenticity to themselves and the brands they work with, it might lead to choosing the wrong influencer.
There are dedicated platforms out there that are specialized in connecting brands with the right influencers. Generally, they have a system in place to approve new requests of influencers and they thoroughly analyze the person and audience in question. They classify their influencers and are thus able to connect them to the right brands. These platforms also offer analytic reports after each activity. And of course, it will save you precious time of looking for the right influencers. Around 15% of respondents in our research are already using these platforms.

Don’t miss out!

Influencer marketing is a growing market that is definitely worth exploring as a brand or investor. Want to know more about this topic and see some interesting numbers that will change your mind if you are not convinced yet that influencer marketing is part of our future? Check out the full research report and discover the influence this marketing can have on your business.
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Be creative

The possibilities of creativity are endless. Product placement can be integrated with other marketing techniques. read more about it in the “Know everything about Product Placement: Definition and Best Practices” article. For instance, this concept can be applied to influencer marketing. Consider following an influencer who uses the same brand of skin care products every day. The influencer doesn’t promote the products or the brand but merely uses them in a natural and effortless manner. As a result, you are more likely to trust that the product is of high quality and delivers effective results. The combination of these two approaches has opened up new avenues for brands to connect with their target audiences in a more genuine and compelling way.

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