How to Master Your E-commerce Checkout Experience


Any successful online retailer knows that the e-commerce checkout experience is the most crucial part of their strategy. Your customers have made it to your site, been wowed by your product range, and are ready to part with their hard-earned cash.
Making sure your checkout experience is the easiest and smoothest thing for the customer to do is essential for e-commerce retailers. An awkward process leads to frustrated customers and abandoned shopping carts. 
The webinar will be posted by Tom Weeks, UK Sales Director at Ve Interactive. Ve Interactive is one of the best in the business when it comes to acquiring, engaging, and converting e-commerce customers. So they really know what they’re talking about when it comes to shopping cart optimisation.
In less than an hour, you’ll learn:

  • How mastering your e-commerce checkout experience can boost sales
  • Real-life case studies showing how successful retailers have significantly grown their e-commerce business
  • Actionable tips for optimizing your shopping cart that can be implemented immediately

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The design and layout of your e-commerce checkout experience can be the make-or-break factor in conversion. Customers will be quick to bounce off your site if the checkout process is too long, and this goes double for mobile users. 23% of users stated that they have abandoned a purchase because the checkout process was too long or confusing.
If you’ve already convinced the customer to trust you and purchase from you, don’t make it hard to carry out the purchase. You absolutely cannot have obstacles between your customer and the confirmation button.
One of the best ways to optimize the checkout experience of your e-commerce is by making the process as light as possible. Only require the information that is absolutely necessary to get your product to your customer: while having tons of data is awesome- the checkout process is not the moment to collect that data.
Sometimes, customers might bounce from an e-commerce checkout process that requires them to create an account. Offer your customers the ability to checkout as a guest or to connect their social media accounts as a log-on. This will make your e-commerce checkout experience more fluid, and make sure that no one is leaving your site in the middle of checkout.
In the next Veeqo webinar masterclass, we’re exploring how retailers can massively increase their e-commerce sales by perfecting their checkout experience with some of the tips above, and many more.