How do you develop your marketplace strategy?

CS-Cart marketplace

Marketplaces represent a golden opportunity for retailers looking to boost their sales. But did you know that you can create your own marketplace?

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During this presentation, you’ll discover CS-Cart’s tips for developing your own marketplace and collaborating with other merchants to create an attractive offer for consumers.

Tips for developing your marketplace

This event will be hosted by :

  • Alexandre Rouvier, Project Manager at CS-Cart
  • David Oak, Co-Founder & CTO at TackleTarts

In this case study, you’ll learn everything there is to know about developing a marketplace, by answering questions such as : 

  • How do you research the competition and the market? 
  • How do you develop your business model? 
  • How to market your offer and organize your advertising strategy?

All this will enable you to develop a qualitative offering and understand the technologies you’ll be working with.


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