How Does A+ Content Boost Amazon Performance?

Amazon performance thanks to content

Whether a shopper is seeking a solution to a particular problem that a product could solve — or is simply doing some virtual “window shopping” — product pages should provide engaging content that offers all of the information they need to make a buying decision.

Enhanced content, called A+ content on Amazon, helps brands deliver these rich product content experiences across the digital shelf. Shoppers now build connections with brands and products through these shopping experiences, and your brand must evolve to meet these new demands.

Learn how building engaging product content experiences can help your brand boost performance on Amazon — and gain insight into A+ content best practices.

Amazon Continues To Grow Worldwide

As ecommerce continues to grow globally, so does Amazon. In addition to its enormous presence in the U.S., every minute, the Amazon EU marketplace sells over 2,700 products. And every month, the Amazon EU marketplace receives unique visits from roughly 176 million shoppers from the U.K., Germany, France, Italy, and Spain.

Shoppers worldwide have shown strong interest in comprehensive product images, videos, descriptions, ratings, and reviews.

Within the U.S., 70% of shoppers are more likely to complete a purchase from a “personally relevant product page,” according to Salsify’s “Consumer Research 2022” report. This preference extends to other markets, with 73% of British, 50% of French, and 48% of German shoppers indicating the same partiality.

What Is ‘Better’ Product Content?

It’s a simple formula: “Better” product content leads to better search rank for product detail pages (PDPs), leading to better conversion on Amazon. But what makes product content “better”?

The Salsify report, “The Content Advantage: How Improvements to the Product Page Help Brands Succeed on Amazon,” rated product pages across verticals — ranking them based on the presence of a variety of high-quality product content, including product photos, videos, descriptions, bullet points, ratings, and reviews.

This product content follows industry best practices for product titles, descriptions, and bullet points. Additionally, each PDP offers multiple high-quality images and A+ content features like comparison charts and hero images, which are visually appealing images that highlight core product attributes.

The report found that A+ content increases organic search rank for a PDP by 5.6%. Top-rated pages also had higher conversion rates overall — about 3.4 times more — than the lowest-ranking pages.

How To Use A+ Content To Win on the Digital Shelf

A+ content gives you an opportunity to memorably show — not just tell — shoppers why your brand and products are the best choices for them. This enhanced content offers shoppers a better understanding of your brand and products and helps them make informed decisions about whether products are best suited for their needs.

Examples of A+ content include:

  • Detailed product titles, descriptions, and bullet points;
  • High-quality image galleries;
  • Immersive brand and product videos;
  • Helpful comparison charts and feature tours; and
  • Downloadable product guides, recipe books, and other materials.

The following best practices can help you optimize the most important parts of your PDPs to ensure they meet the expectations of modern shoppers.

Build Immersive Product Photos and Videos

Drive your brand and product story visually. Make an excellent first impression with quality visual content that compels customers to click. High-quality editorial images and videos of your product highlighting how it could be used can help shoppers best picture how the product fits into their lives.

Feature a wide selection of images. You can’t expect a shopper to make a decision about a product if they can’t see it.

Write Detailed Product Titles and Descriptions

When it comes to product titles and descriptions, the more concise and descriptive, the better. With short descriptions, every word must make an impact. Focus on engaging product titles and persuasive writing that answers the most commonly asked questions about your products and brand.

Write Scannable Product Bullet Points

Keep bullets concise. Consumers sometimes only spend minutes on a website before they leave. With only a short time to engage them, make your content scannable and use several bullet points to highlight product quality.

Feature more than the core details. Doing so could help you give your customers the information they need to make a final purchasing decision.

Encourage Customer Ratings and Reviews

Offer social proof. Consumers often need social proof before they make a big purchase. If your product page doesn’t have this, you might not convert them.

Boost positive experiences. Encourage customers to leave ratings and reviews on your product pages. These recommendations are crucial because one of the best ways to drive sales is to have your customers sell for you.

Engaging Product Experiences Meet Modern Demands

For brands worldwide, Amazon provides an enormous opportunity to differentiate your brand from your competitors. A+ content empowers you to create engaging shopping experiences that stand out on the digital shelf and provide the information customers need to make informed buying decisions.

By building a dynamic commerce strategy that leverages A+ content and encourages a team culture of continual innovation, you can ensure that your brand evolves to meet the shifting needs of your customers.

Learn through a guided demo of the Salsify product experience management platform (ProductXM) how your brand could build a winning e-commerce strategy that drives innovation and meets modern commerce demands.


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