How to boost your conversion rate on Amazon with rich content?

Salsify guide conversion rate on amazon

The past two years, consumption patterns have changed and consumers prefer digital channels for their purchases. At the same time, competition is intensifying, especially on marketplaces where brands & e-retailers have a real need to stand out. 

This report was created from an analysis of more than 14,000 product pages on, and to discover which elements of a product page influence search rankings and sales.

Product page content, an essential element for selling on Amazon

Amazon has become an essential sales channel for brands. The platform represents more than one euro out of four spent online in the French, German and UK markets. In this context, the content integrated on your product page will be decisive to make the most of the marketplaces.

So how do you optimize your product pages on Amazon to boost your conversion rate and increase your visibility? 

Through numerous key figures, discover in this report how the content of your product pages impact your ranking and your sales on the marketplace. 

This report answers many questions:

  • What are the major trends in online sales?
  • How does product content affect your sales and visibility?
  • How to increase your SERP ranking with content?
  • What content should you choose for your product categories?

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