How Paper Packaging can Differentiate your E-Commerce Store #Whitepaper

How Paper Packaging can Differentiate your E-Commerce Store #Whitepaper

An increasing number of companies are moving towards a customer-focused structure in their e-commerce business. However, trying to outshine competitors by differentiating yourself by offering great customer service and an impeccable return service is just not enough.

Why choose for paper packaging material?

Your competitors are following your steps closely and customers are increasingly more demanding. They want the freedom to choose products based on a complete experience. From the moment they go on your website till the moment the product has worn out and is thrown away. The customer wants a great experience. So, how to differentiate yourself in other ways? Learn how differentiate your e-commerce store with paper packaging in this whitepaper!

A memorable unboxing experience is the new trend

It has become an increasingly popular trend to use paper packaging materials rather than plastic packaging materials. Opening up a parcel that looks fabulous will please your customer and build brand loyalty.
Customers prefer this eco-friendly form of packaging and even prefer it as it can be re-used for other purposes such as arts and crafts. Offering your products in such packaging has been proven to prevent more damages during its voyage, builds a better image and enhances the unboxing experience.

What you will learn from this whitepaper?

What are the benefits of using paper packaging your e-commerce store and what extra value does it bring to your customers? Which statistics and research prove this trend? We have all this information gathered in a 15 page whitepaper written by Ranpak, a company providing retailers with various paper packaging solutions. Here is what you will take away from this whitepaper:

  • Why the size of your package matters
  • What is the right amount of packaging material you should be using
  • What value does it bring for your customers
  • How you profit from choosing paper packaging over plastic packaging
  • How to exceed customer expectations

Tip for online retailers: Paper packaging can look even better than a present. Certain paper packaging solutions have a special focus on medium-sized e-commerce retailers. Protective, eco-friendly and experience enhancing, all wrapped in a hive-like structured paper.

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