Why you really need a mobile e-commerce app!

As the time passes by, everything changes including the rules and conditions of life to everyone. We have to adjust to the changes happening at the blistering pace, especially when it comes to the e-commerce.
With the advent of the Internet, the commerce has acquired a new form. Nowadays, e-commerce is one of the greatest inventions of the XX century. People are getting lazier and lazier year in year out. More and more people are making online purchases via mobile e-commerce app, why don’t you ?

There are so many eshops that people don’t have to stand from the coach and go shopping. A smart device, stable Internet connection, and a card – this is a success formula for modern shopping. And the popularity of online shopping is fast increasing. According to the data provided by Statista relevant for the US market only, the retail sales are predicted to reach $3,015 trillion in 2018.
Why you really need a mobile e-commerce app - Statista
The figures speak for themselves – more and more people are making online purchases via mobile apps, and there’s no limits. Such findings encourage modern entrepreneurs to go online and start an e-commerce business. Since there Alibaba, AliExpress, eBay, and Amazon, the competition becomes severe. And taking into account that there are more than 12 million of e-shops all over the world, it’s quite chancy to overcome e-commerce business sharks.
But who said that you won’t beat them all? The way to the success is as simple as ABC – have a good business strategy, work hard and keep your nose to the wind.
The role of the cell phone is becoming more and more influential and as the world changes, we have to adjust to them. First of all, the changes happening in the world affect business. Nowadays, an app is must-have for business, especially for e-commerce. E-commerce is exposed to the far-reaching technology breakthrough. The mobile industry has greatly transformed and eased our everyday life. Now, retailers and business owners consider developing a mobile e-commerce app.

Why it’s essential to have a mobile e-commerce app?

RetailMeNot reveals that smartphones become the first screens for customers and especially it comes to shopping. Today, mobile is the most important touchpoint for retailers to win, serve, and retain customers. Modern cell phones allow users to get an access to the Internet nearly everywhere and anytime, and hence, they can do shopping when they’d like. For many customers and especially US ones, a cell phone is the first screen for the Internet.
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Furthermore, consumers spend 85% of their time on smartphones using different mobile applications and 5% of the time subjected to online shopping. Those who use retail apps on a daily basis should be the main motivation for you to develop an e-commerce app.

What can you get with an e-commerce app?

24/7 Access :

Customers can use your custom app round-the-clock, They can buy goods or service at any convenient time. Your business will benefit from round-the-clock access.

Entertainment :

A cell phone is an endless source of entertainment, customer interaction, and social activity. Moreover, apps represent a new marketing channel for promotion and sales.

Visibility :

Just think about the icons that you see on your screen every day. The presence of a well-designed icon can boost up sales while people use cell phones every day.

Value :

An app is beneficial for customers in plenty of ways whether the app offers ultimate loyalty program or 24/7 support.

Sales :

An app is capable of boosting sales. Giving the user the ability to order a service or buy goods online will bring you more customers.

Must-have features for a mobile e-commerce app

E-commerce like any other industry has its peculiar features that should be taken into account while developing an application for an online store. Properly developed and integrated into an app, they can bring lots of benefits. Let’s consider some essential features for a successful e-commerce app.

Notifications :

in such a way, you can keep in touch with the customers. Every message you send will be read even an app is working in the background.

Social Media :

simplify the process of signing up by allowing users to use their profiles. Also, it’s important to be present in popular social networks.

Ease of Use :

keep your app extremely simple to use. To make an online sale, you have minutes if not seconds. Focus on user experience while developing an app.

Only the phrase “you might like” causes a rise of serotonin and everyone stays searching for an ideal product. Related items create a so-called stickiness effect.

Special Offers :

special offers are a well-known marketing tool to motivate a buyer. And the sale chances also go up.

Security :

online transactions have recently become our daily routine. And taking into account the following fact, e-shops are intended targets for cybercriminals.

Wish List :

Add a wish list feature that a customer can share with others via e-mail or any other social network, and get a free advertising tool with a built-in social proof.

Payments :

Advanced and secure payments are a must-have feature for all e-commerce apps. There are many online payment options but choose one that fits your target audience – PayPal for US market, Payoneer for Europe, etc.
To sum up, apps are definitely worth investing, ensuring the prosperity of your online business. Since there is a severe rival between e-commerce web platforms, being a step ahead is a must. So take the bull by the horn and develop a custom mobile e-commerce app.
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Image credit : Pradeep Sonker