How to Boost your Conversion Rate with UX Optimization

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In the past few years, there have been several ways to differentiate your e-commerce, for example through omni-channel presence, social media use and curation, and innovation. However, there is one differentiation method that can not only make you stand out from the crowd, but also boost your conversion: UX or user experience.
User experience is the ensemble of emotions, perceptions, and ideas gained by the consumer during interaction with an object, a service, or an interface.
The ease at which the web offers the development of a business is unparalleled- and today, offer largely outweighs demand. However, through UX optimization can be the catalyst that makes one e-commerce stand out from the rest by streamlining the conversion funnel and fostering customer loyalty.
Working with Prestashop, we can pin-down what’s important in UX optimization for both e-commerce professionals and their customers.

Using UX for Differentiation

User experience takes on a whole new dimension when we start applying the idea to e-commerce. With the saturation of the digital market, differentiation is the absolute key to being successful. In the continuity of an ergonomic and intuitive online store, a great user experience integrates instinctive navigation.

-Which is why making a great first impression is key to setting yourself apart from your competition. So having a killer landing page that is aesthetically pleasing is the first step to keeping a user on your site.
However, your users will notice if your UX isn’t optimized, and won’t hesitate in bouncing from your site. UX optimization is one of the most important aspects to improving your conversion, customer retention, and your own differentiation from competitors who would be the next likely visited page by a user dissatisfied with your UX.
The ideal user experience should align with your guidelines as well as your visual and editorial guidelines. Consider the UX as the top priority of your differentiation strategy. 

Boost your Conversion Funnel by Customizing your User Experience

A fluid, intuitive user experience is one of the best ways to engage your users, and for this, you shouldn’t stop just at optimization. Today, users are searching for a personalized user experience which includes micro-interactions tailored to what they are looking for. Your user should have an active role in their navigation on your site, and once they are, your site should be flawless in terms of fluidity.

“65% of users are unwilling to wait more than 3 seconds for a site to load.”

Micro-interactions allow for UX customization as well as stimulating a more “fun and enjoyable” aspect of your site. This can effectively translate to call-to-action buttons that guide your user to do what you’d like them to do (see: purchasing).
Once you’ve engaged your users, your conversion opportunities have multiplied by five. Your user, active and engaged, will be far more receptive to the slightest commercial suggestion: re-directions, promotions, pop-ups, etc. By creating a positive user experience, your retention and conversion rate will become more solid.
There are many methods that you can use to customize your UX, but you should always keep your conversion rate at the forefront of your optimization strategy.
When making the optimization of your user experience a priority, show your customers that you put their wants and needs first in your business. When you show your customers that they are your top priority, they will thank you by choosing your e-commerce over the your competitors.