Most important SEO Tips for Chief Marketing Officer (CMO)

Most important SEO Tips for Chief Marketing Officer (CMO)

CMO or Chief marketing officer may not have sufficient time to manage the task and processes of digital marketing. Undoubtedly, SEO is a critical aspect of digital marketing of the business., meaning that they have to know and understand the most important SEO tips. Being a CEO, you may have a long to-do list of critical things and an inbox filled with thousands of unread emails. In such a scenario, you need to hire a dedicated SEO team to take care of digital marketing aspects of your business.
Here, it may not be sufficient to form a team to handle SEO, you will also have to collect feedback from them as a CMO. Once you are sure on the progress, only then you would be able to modify your marketing plan. In such a scenario, your CEO may not have an interest in knowing the ranking, traffic, and the number of site visitors. In order to convince him, you may track the sales or leads and inform him about the improved results as well.
There are some other points too which can help the CMO in ensuring the right SEO progress and to check that whether SEO is being handled properly or not by their team? This article is written to provide CMOs some information about SEO basics which can help them in tracking the progress. Here are the main SEO tips to ease CMO’s work.

Basic And Considerable SEO Aspects For CMO

Most important SEO Tips for Chief Marketing Officer (CMO)

Some basic aspects are necessary to consider for SEO and every CMO must understand these aspects if he wants to evaluate and check the progress of his SEO team properly.

1). Know The Main SEO Tips and Potential To Boost The Sales

Though it is a trend to do SEO and so your marketing team members may suggest to run digital marketing campaigns or to do digital marketing of your product or service. For this being a CMO you must have an idea about your business and its type that will digital marketing be a good investment for your business or not.
Being a senior-level person, you should check the most important SEO tips and evaluate the return on investment done for SEO. Even sometimes buying, a purchase intent can be a better decision from a CMO perspective. So, has the head of marketing decided hat which is a better strategy for you and may give you and your business long-term return?

2). Be informed about the main SEO tips and marketing strategies

When you decide and ensure that SEO can help you in achieving your marketing goals, now is the time to ask about the marketing strategies which they will implement. Your SEO must not work for any single strategic even they must be able to plan and implement new ideas.
Some SEO teams are mostly focused on research keywords, whether nowadays organic researchers are on trend and important to consider for better SERPs. For this, many factors like website structure, navigational structures are also important rather than just the insertion of keywords in the content of web pages.

3). Long-Term Commitment: one of the most important SEO tips

SEO is not a short-term commitment to PPC or purchase intent. It takes more time to get the result from Search Engine Optimization, which is why you need to understand some important SEO tips. Even many businesses are doing SEO aggressively. It takes quite more time to get the desired result from SEO as SEO team may have to shift their tactics and strategies as and when Google changes its, they must not be static. Moreover, social media also has become important. A CMO should not ask about ranking reports from his SEO team, ask them how much business is being generated now?
If your SEO team cannot answer these questions then you may have to ask them to change their plan. Moreover, you can also monitor click through and bounce rate like metrics.

4). Metric Considerations

Metrics are the most used and popular way to evaluate the progress of any initiative and so is the case of SEO. Though you can check the direct impact of SEO on your business. One of the specific and obvious factors which you should consider is the achievement of goal or goal completion. You can also check the number of customers coming from SEO an increased number of customers can symbolize your success.
Now you can not only ask about goal completion instead territory goal achievement must also be considered to track the progress. You can ask following questions to your SEO team lead to track their performance:

  1. How many visitors reached the site this month?
  2. How many came through organic search?

How many existing visitors came to the site?

  1. How much time customers are spending on the page?
  2. Which and what type of content is has been proved best for our site?
  3. What strategies are they using to improve conversion rate?

These fundamental and important SEO tips will definitely help you in evaluating the SEO team performance. As per the performance of your team members, you can either motivate them or ask to improve their performance standards even more.

5). White Hat Techniques is one of the most important SEO tips we can give you

SEO techniques can be either black hat or white hat. Black hat techniques like keyword stuffing, duplicate content and stub pages are not good for ranking. So, ask the team members are they using white hat techniques or not. Through these techniques, your content may become easily accessible by the search engine. It may also help you in improving your search engine ranking and can provide a good experience for your customer or visitor.


It is quite obvious that a CMO cannot handle each and every aspect by himself. But there should be a definite and well-planned marketing strategy. CMO should always look for the most important SEO tips. This way they can achieve their business goals timely. Moreover, the overall organizational performance will improve and the SEO implementation can be made more successful and result-oriented in the future.