Jérôme Dave (Mash): “We give that flexibility and we remove the friction at the point of sale”

jerome dave mash

Introducing Jérôme Dave, Group Head of International Business Development at Mash. In this video interview, Jérôme gives us an insight into what they have to offer and the future of payments by 2025.
Transcript of video:
Alfredo: Today we’re with Jerome Dave from MASH. He will be doing a quick introduction to mash and what they do and what they can benefit. And we will be having some Q and A so you’re on it’s own in your hands. Welcome. Thank you very much.
Jérôme: Go for it. So my Mash is a 10 year old fintech. It started back in 2007 in Finland at the time where nobody talks about fintech. And the founder was believing that with the with the application of the latest technology and a fairly good level of automation you could deliver a superb experience and scale of business. And he did indeed. I think it was visionary. By launching some direct credit business. And he has been kept being a visionary by transforming that direct lending business into. A flexible fair later solution. We today mash we operate into four countries obviously or home country Finland, Sweden which looks like a natural step. And then Poland and Spain which are two also two amazing markets. Each of them with their difference. And that make it particularly interesting to work at. Mash being endorsed for a geographical seat.
Alfredo: So where do you see the future of the payment industry by 2025. Because it’s true that it’s moving so fast that sometimes it’s really difficult to beat it. What do you see by 2025 Payment industry.
Jérôme: Might be very general but I believe that everybody especially all the people here at the MPW, work hard to make payment frictionless and imperceptible. At Mash we have all share as well. And we with our pay later solution. We tried to remove the friction at the point of sale by postponing it too to a later stage. Like you at the moment of truth when you are in the shop you make your purchase your order. Accept it. And then we give you the opportunity. Is it two weeks is it four weeks to decide how you want to be. Do you want to pay now. Or do you want to start the repayment plan and pay this every time or later. Right. So we give that flexibility and we remove the friction at the point of sale. Right.
Alfredo: As well quite related to this because we know like in e-commerce one of the reasons we get this amount of fast abandonment is usually due to payment and payment gateways. What are the next steps for math. As a company are you planning to open into new markets. Are you planning to launch any extra features. Did you think you could give us any insights or updates of what’s coming with mass
Jérôme: So over the last over the last 18 months. Much has gone through a huge transformation by and starting by focusing on. Lowering the cost of acquisition like by that I mean we have we have worked on digging robust and hopefully long-lasting partnership with some of the payment incumbent players such as very phone or nets and some others. Know that we have built those customer acquisition channel VR those partner. With mash you can on board either online or on the in-store on the payment terminal. So that’s the doors partners so now that we have built those distribution channel. We will work on. Providing the most. B2C offering to all customer. By helping them to to control their daily financial life. And that will stop by again providing them that flexible payment solution which is either they know they later and we will give them all the tools to make the right decision on whether they better pay now for certain item and and pay later. But we will also sit and we do already on the huge amount of data. We also partner with the bank API and we leverage open banking in all the country we are we do for underwriting but we also do to help the merchants and the merchant where the magic solution is deployed. To contextualize and personalize the shopping experience of those customers. Now that being said. We will. We will also. We are also iterating on small and medium-sized business lending offering. So, for now, we offer credit to consumer. We offer a payment flexible payment solution to the consumer. We will also focus on providing added value services to the merchant. I explained earlier about. Helping them to contextualize their shopping experience of experience but we will also help them in terms of treasury by providing cash advance. And. I think that will also foster the partnership. We have ways with the acquirers because that will be added value service to the merchant they serve as well especially a boy you mentioned I think nowadays what’s most important is the shopping experience and the customer in the center and be able to do like you guys that match up doing offering payment delay payment covering payment with their conditions and being able to with the best conditions. So many thanks for your offer this time. If anyone’s got any questions just feel free to contact directly mash or get in touch with us and we will be right here. Thank you, guys.
Alfredo: Thank you and see you on Mash.com