MailChimp’s New Tool Allows Users to manage Facebook Ad Campaigns

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Already unavoidable in the email marketing world, MailChimp now offers the possibility to its users to manage Facebook Ad campaigns. The new functionality is available directly through their MailChimp account. Talking about saving time, they managed to simplify the ad creation process and made it quicker to implement. The best part? There aren’t any extra fees, you just need to pay the Facebook Ads regular cost.

MailChimp’s Tool to Manage Facebook Ad Campaigns

Listening to their customers’ wishes, they chose Facebook to start their diversification. If emailing campaigns are the top choice among their users, Facebook Ads is the 2nd one. Plus, you will be able to use every resources you already have in MailChimp, like your data & product photos, as well as your ad’s ROI and sales results.
MailChimp uses the same intelligent segmentation tool for emailing in order to help you reach the right customer. You’ll be able to monitor it the same way with your Facebook Ads, deciding which one is worth investing in to get more customers for your e-commerce.
Already an email marketing powerhouse, MailChimp offers great marketing tools like retargeted email marketing, detailed analytics on your email campaigns, and direct connection to your e-commerce. The ultra user-friendly email marketing tool is already known throughout the world over, and adding Facebook Ad management to their list of already rich tools only reinforces that the tool is serious about becoming an all-in-one marketing tool in the future.
MailChimps new tool to manage Facebook Ad Campaigns will be a great time saver for those who already use the platform, as well as a great incentive for those who have never used MailChimp to get on board. Then, whether you want your e-commerce to acquire more customers or increase visibility, or both, Mailchimp’s new feature will certainly be useful and saving you time.