4 Offline Tips to Improve the Online Ranking of Your E-Commerce Site

4 Offline Tips to Improve the Online Ranking of Your E-Commerce Site

Improving your search engine optimization (SEO) can feel like a debate between staff writers and web developers. Your writers remind you to post more frequently while your web developer wants you to make sure your products are formatted correctly in order to be picked up by search engines.

Most people can agree both schools of thought are important. Your e-commerce site does need to be updated frequently and your products do need to keep up with the latest standards in order to show up correctly in search results.

If the thought of keeping up with your site’s SEO makes you want to unplug, try some of these offline tips to improve the online ranking of your website:

Attend industry events

Whether you go with an eye on your competitors, rent a vendor table or present from the big stage, attending an industry event can help you make real-life connections with people in your industry.

In order to sell your products, potential customers need to gain familiarity with the benefits of the items your company offers. A sample in the hands of the right person can translate to more publicity and sales, as well as a boost in search engine ranks.

Make a video for your customers

Write a script for an instructional video or shoot some B-roll footage to use as part of a product montage—just don’t resort to collage-style videos made out of product photos, writes Miljana Mitic. When you’re ready to face your e-commerce website again, you will have something interesting to add. Use your video as part of a larger content marketing plan including social media and cross-promotion between related sites.

Schedule meetings with a colleague and check-in on what their marketing team is doing

Running an e-commerce site can get lonely. Meeting with someone in a collaborative industry can spark a new idea on ways to reach your target market. Two heads are always better than one, and brainstorming with someone in a similar field can open up a plethora of new opportunities.

For example, an owner of an outdoor apparel site may want to meet with a start-up specializing in custom kayaks to see if a joint project is possible. Keep an open mind and try to be helpful to your network.

Send your existing customers a quick hand-written note with a coupon for a future purchase

By inviting them to check out a new product you have added since last time they ordered, you are driving traffic to the website while increasing the loyalty and viability of the customer. The little things, like a personalized hand-written thank you note is what can set you apart from your competitors.

Email marketing open rates have plummeted, with Retail & E-commerce sites scoring among the lowest (IBM 2016 Email Marketing Metrics Benchmark Study) and old-school sources like direct mail are less saturated than in years past.

Generating new interest in your products can be challenging. Online behaviour and habits are important and necessary but they are not the only ways to boost SEO. When any piece of technology threatens your peace of mind, take a deep breath and a step back. Simplify and return to what worked best before and adapt the old method to work with the new technology.

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Image credit : Berin Catic