PaySimple, an all-in-one payment platform for retailers with cloud technology

Despite PayPal’s unchecked growth, there’s a lot of life beyond this online payment gateway. Good examples are Payza, Skrill, Payoneer or Dwolla. However, PaySimple has been one of the most surprising for digital retailers.
PaySimple is a SaaS platform aimed at ecommerce and small and medium enterprises, which allows to accept payments, automate billing and manage customers effectively. In particular, PaySimple offers useful solutions for omnichannel retailers, i.e. they exploit online and offline channels together in their business.
PaySimple’s payment gateway has very interesting features for retailers in all sectors. Let’s see:
● Processing POS payments by credit card
● App for Android and iOS that allows you to accept payments via mobile phone
● SSL data encryption and PCI DSS compliance
● Cash flow reports and electronic invoicing.
Each of these features will be discussed in more detail later, but now it’s worth getting to know PaySimple in detail: its history, its most outstanding qualities and why ecommerces bet on it.

What is PaySimple, the all-in-one payment platform that challenges PayPal?

“Accept payments anytime, anywhere”. Behind this slogan lies one of the most ambitious payments processing platforms in recent years.
The origins of PaySimple go back to 2006, when Matt Feierstein, Eric Remer, Carol Wood, and other entrepreneurs wondered how they could make it easier for 2.0 companies to collect payments. The answer was PaySimple, an all-in-one platform specializing in payment processing between consumers and retailers. And the figures also speak favorably of this platform, which has a portfolio of 17,000 customers.
PaySimple’s payment gateway makes it possible to speed up the payment processing needs of small and medium-sized businesses, with cloud technology for storing and managing transaction data. In addition to offering an efficient service, PaySimple also stands out for its low fees: a 2.49% commission per transaction on credit cards and 0.60 dollars + .10% in the case of ACH and eCheck. To this must be added the monthly fees.
As for PaySimple’s customer service, it does more than what is expected of it. Customers who need to contact their team can use the web form (, telephone 800-466-0992, email [email protected] or visit their physical offices at 1515 Wynkoop Street, Suite 250, in Denver (United States).
For the resolution of common doubts, PaySimple offers an FAQ ( and a support center (, demonstrating its commitment to the client and their needs.

PaySimple and its most interesting features for e-commerce

For any ecommerce, flexible, fast and efficient payment options are indispensable. Otherwise, brands and companies will suffer an increase in the abandonment of shopping carts in ecommerce environments, while their physical businesses will notice a reduction in footfall. You have to give all possible facilities to the customer, and this is where the benefits of PaySimple come into play!

24/7, when and where you want

The PaySimple application is running 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Your POS software, your payment forms, and all your modules and solutions remain active without interruption, which fits seamlessly into 7-Eleven businesses and all ecommerces.

Automatic credit/debit card payments

Accepting and processing credit card payments without human intervention, automatically, is another key to PaySimple’s success. This platform helps increase cash flow for transactions involving credit cards.

Highly innovative POS solutions

Despite the e-commerce boom, Point of Sale (POS) payments remains a necessity. The PaySimple application also surprises by allowing you to initiate transactions from a company’s points of sale, either in person or over the phone.
PaySimple links orders and payments to the customer’s registered account, streamlining monetary transactions after the first purchase at a store. In addition, the POS software offered by PaySimple accepts cash, credit cards, checks and other forms of payment.
To the POS software is added a database offered by PaySimple. This innovative CRM facilitates customer management and helps to anticipate their decisions thanks to the behaviors, habits, and trends that are being recorded.

Easily accept mobile payments

Studies suggest that commercial transactions for mobile payment apps will reach $14 trillion by 2022. This highlights the importance of mobile traffic for e-commerce. It also helps to understand why one of the most important features of PaySimple is its ability to process payments through mobile devices. Simply download your application to Android or iOS to take advantage of this feature.

Hacker-proof security

Another of the most interesting benefits of PaySimple is security, a section in which it shines with its own light, but without ‘dazzling’ its competitors. In fact, PaySimple offers similar guarantees to other payment processing platforms. First of all, its web space and all its modules use a 256-bit DigiCert certificate, being compatible with 128-bit encryption.
On the other hand, data and information processing is done using Secure Socket Layer (SSL), a well-known encryption system on the Internet. In addition, PaySimple complies with the highest standards of the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (better known as PCI DSS). These standards guarantee the security of transactions involving credit cards.
In short, PaySimple lives up to its name by effectively simplifying the lives of ecommerce and small business owners.


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