Pinnacle Cart, an ecommerce platform with a lot to offer

“Build the Perfect Store”. The slogan of the PinnacleCart ecommerce platform may seem presumptuous, but the features of your software have little to envy of Shopify, WooCommerce and other competitors.
In 2018 retail ecommerce sales reached 2842 million dollars internationally. In 2019 and 2020 are also expected record figures (3453 and 4135 respectively, according to Statista), so it should not surprise us that many entrepreneurs decide to start an online store. PinnacleCart for ecommerce is one of the best tools for doing this, and below you’ll find out why.

Pinnacle Cart: when being an amateur is no obstacle to launching a successful ecommerce

PinnacleCart for ecommerce is a software designed to design online stores without the need for advanced knowledge. It also offers a suite of tools designed to increase visitor traffic, improve conversions and achieve success in this competitive sector.
Unlike Wix and other web publishers, PinnacleCart simplifies the process of creating online stores, without limiting it. This nuance is important. Not all such software provides access to HTML, CSS code and JavaScript, SDKs or developer APIs.
“Ensuring the freedom to sell from anywhere, anytime” is part of PinnacleCart’s values. This platform does not focus exclusively on the design and development of virtual stores. It also attaches great importance to the management, marketing or development of the business itself.
In addition, the PinnacleCart ecommerce platform provides exceptional customer service. In its Support section ( we will find answers to most of the questions related to your store designer, categories and products, delivery or payment methods. To contact them directly, PinnacleCart offers a web form in its Contact section (, the service number 1-602-734-0244 or the possibility to open tickets for consultation.
If you are determined to start a business adventure with PinnacleCart, it may be a good idea to visit their physical offices at 2702 N. 3rd St., Suite 3015 in Phoenix (USA).

Why Pinnacle Cart is an excellent ecommerce software: 4 features to understand it

This ecommerce software has a lot to offer retailers who want to exploit online sales. In the following lines you will find an analysis of PinnacleCart with its most notable features:

Great omnichannel approach

At present, it is possible to sell on social networks, in marketplaces such as Amazon eBay and in points of sale (POS), in addition to the online store. Why limit yourself to exploit one of these channels, being able to sell together in all of them? PinnacleCart software is designed with an all-embracing approach, which adds value.
In addition, this platform succeeds in offering an integrated POS system in all its plans (except Entrepreneur). Certainly one of PinnacleCart’s most attractive features for retailers with a physical store.

Advanced Online Store Customization

Various statistics suggest that the appearance of a website includes in the buying decisions of visitors. At PinnacleCart they seem to have taken note, and so their software offers endless customization options. Through its interface, customizing the store design (fonts, colors, structure, logo, etc.) is quick and easy. More advanced users will also have free access to the HTML sheet, CSS codes, SDK or developer API.

100% SEO friendly software

Unlike other publishers, PinnacleCart shows great concern for organic positioning in search engines (Google, Bing, etc.). In fact, its HTML templates harmonize with Google Penguin recommendations. In addition, it allows easy integration of tools such as Google Analytics thanks to unrestricted access to HTML. In this sense, PinnacleCart has options as common as the newsletter or widgets, whose presence is taken for granted, since all its competitors offer them.

Wishlist, QR codes, and other unique features

But an in-depth analysis of PinnacleCart reveals many other fascinating features. For example, its forms have security reCaptcha; it has a customer database and local delivery management, or it offers a multi-currency feature that enhances the user experience in global ecommerces.
There is also the possibility of sharing products on social networks and implementing different buttons and features of Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Twitter (the ‘Like’ button, the ‘Pin’, etc.). Thanks to wishlist, customers will be able to save products for later purchase. For developers, access to the API is a must, but PinnacleCart has plenty of documentation.

What about security? What Pinnacle Cart offers merchants and customers

Another of the great strengths of the PinnacleCart ecommerce platform is cybersecurity. First of all, it has SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) security protocol, one of the most widespread measures on the Internet to ensure the encryption and protection of customer data. PinnacleCart also has several options available: from free to advanced paid SSL.
For the protection of credit card transactions, this platform boasts PCI-DSS (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard). This means that PinnacleCart meets the highest standards required by Visa, MasterCard, American Express and others.
In addition, PinnacleCart surprises with other security measures, such as administrator IP restriction, fraudulent order tracking, password encryption or certain consumer security options. For example, it is possible to mark an option so that the shipping address and billing address must match for greater security.
In short, the PinnacleCart ecommerce platform is a perfect ally for those who want to do business in the digital world, without any programming, CMS editing or inventory management skills. Nor should you think of PinnacleCart as a ‘magic lamp’. But it saves a lot of time and money for those starting their ecommerce adventure.


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